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  1. It did cover the 1st month for me unless they forgot to bill me cause I'm so pretty, grins. From the Order Confirmation: Dear Kim,Congratulations! Thank you for your purchase.Your new region has been created! The map will take a few hours to find your region, and for the first few days it will show there as plain grey. You can get to it before the map finds it by specifying the island's name as your "Start Location" on the login screen (if you do not have this option, go into Preferences and it's on the General tab). Your island, like all new islands, is on a class 5 server.Purchase details:Estate name: Taka no SakuraRegion Name: Taka no SakuraLocation: 985, 1273Purchased: April 28, 2016Next bill date: May 28, 2016Currently, the Island is not publicly accessible, to give you time to configure it the way you want, but this can be easily changed by ticking "Public Access" and "Allow Direct Teleport" in the Estate tab of the Region/Estate window (in the World menu).
  2. I recently ordered and purchased a full sim Island (Taka no Sakura). If I also ordered a homestead(s) to be placed immediately adjacent (East and West), can the prims be shared between the sims. I could use the additional sailing space (Water), But I really want more than 15,000 prims on the full sim.
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