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  1. Hello, Currently looking for a job in-world, so the jobs I am able to do are: babysitting, English-Portuguese translator, Barista, retail assistant and catering. I got three months babysitting experience, worked in retail for two weeks, I am a native in Portuguese so I can do translations which I also have experience in. Got more than two years worth of catering experience as I have worked in my high school and in the London 2012 Olympics as part of a catering company. Currently working in real in the coffee shop at my univeristy, besides catering I also got trained as a Barista. If Interested please contact me ^^.
  2. Hey you can meet me in world and be friends . I like roleplaying too so I think we would be fine
  3. Thanks I will try check it out !
  4. I would not mind be your sister, but I am not sure if I am what you looking for as I only been playing the game for a month now and what not. Contact me if you still interested
  5. Hello, Looking for someone who can teach me Korean and I am also looking for enrolling in a university here. Besides English I speak English, native in Portuguese and learning Italian. If you can help me with any above contact me! Thank you.
  6. Hello, I send you a note there, not sure if ypou got it but I would be interested to learn
  7. Thank you. A comment that makes more sense. Yeah I meant about people lying about their ages because experienced that alot on IMVU (another virtual world). Thank you for the information.
  8. I dont mind having female friends way older than me, definately no guys. I understand you do not worry about who is the person behind the screen. Cool thats your opinion i respect. But I do not want to end up having certain conversations with 13 year olds or whatever. Yeah I do understand for you real and sl doesnt have nothing to do with it, to me the same but until a certain extent. This is is not the first world virtual world I have been to, I have played in virtual worlds for already 7 years and the one thing that gets on my nerves is people lying about their ages. You dont want to end up talking about sex or make sexual jokes with a 13 year old right? In addition I do not want to be friends with guys that are like my dads age or my uncle age. Its personal choice. Yeah SL is to have fun etc. One of the things i dont have in rl is that many friends of my age, so trying to have that at least here. But thanks for your opinion.
  9. I am sorry you cannot compare to facebook, as facebook was never made to add random people. I do think is the same as all social platforms as people have different opinions about ages. I do not mind being friends with people younger but I said more about the ages above because when it comes to in-game relationships. I am sorry, I do care about real age because god knows if you end up dating a 13-year-old ?. I am not trying to be picky bu the probability of having common stuff is higher if you have more friends around your age group that's all. Not treating like facebook because I know 90% of people in my friend list. But thanks for your opinion.
  10. My account is old but I have only started sl properly few weeks ago. I would love to meet new people, I am looking for people that already have experienced with the game, I dont mind if you are new. Either way I would love to meet experienced people because they can show me to good places to hang out etc. Please only males and females that are the ages 20 to 26 in real. I am 20 going to turn 21, I already stopped regularly playing this other virtual world (IMVU) because of the lack of people my age. Also dont mind role playing and also looking for a job in world.
  11. Hey, I just got a mesh body finally and will get a mesh head soon. Now I want to find good shops to buy my clothing. I'm, into the alternative lifestyle, I like anime, also like the asian fashion. I dont really mind if the shop doesn't specific sell stuff related to that. I just want a good store with variety of style to pick from. So please give your top options. Thank you.
  12. Hey, I am pretty new as well dont mind be friends :0
  13. Hey havent been in world for 4 years, even before I only played once because I was busy in another Virtual world (IMVU). So I am back because my two friends from there persuaded me to come here, do admit some stuff here are more interesting than there. I am looking for friends whatever gender preferably around my age, I am female and 20 years old. Also people that live in my time zone GMT+1 or if you are like 2 hours ahead whatever I dont mind either. However, I will also like to meet friends from all over the world as long they either speak English or Portuguese, (currently learning Italian). I have some rp experience but not expecting others to have. Not sure what path my in-game character will take yet as I am adapting to the game still. Please if you are one of those people who lies about things like their age not interested in being friends. I had bad experiences in the past with dudes trying to go out with me in-game by lying about their actual age. Also looking for directors and actors as I write books would like to make them into a series or something. Enough about me feel free to add me in game or reply here :D
  14. Im pretty new here so I dont know if it would be helpful but either way how old are you and what time zone you live in ?
  15. Hey, I just been back from a 4 years break but only even then I played once this game because I was more interested in another virtual world (IMVU) but since two of my friends from there convinced me to come here, I am back. I am also looking for new friends, I am sometimes shy but I dont take time opening up and consider people a friend. Feel free to add me
  16. Live in the UK too feel free to add me
  17. Hey I will guess you live somewhere in Europe either way don't mind be friends
  18. Looking for friends too, even thought I only played this game once I am technically a noob.
  19. Hey I wouldn't mind get to know you . It just I had an account for 4 years but only played once as I already had an account in another similar game (IMVU) but got two friends from there here. So I wanna meet people too and make a life here.
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