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  1. No, but politely asked to remove it hehe😅😝
  2. I just got scolded at Calas for making an attempt to find Mara ^.^
  3. LOL, not that one from the 70's??? 🤣
  4. A girl was siting on a bench on the Calas sim on 2/6/20 around 6:15pm slt. You were wearing a PINK FLOWER wreath on your head and PINK dress. Your name is Mara! In your profile you had something along the lines of "HERE FOR THE LIVE MUSIC SCENES MOSTLY" If this is you please IM! You caught the eye of someone in our horse back riding group and "took his breath away" (lol), but you poofed before he could even say hello. LOVE IS IN THE AIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL😝 Oh yeah and in your RL pic you're a pretty girl with red hair.
  5. Only ASIAN model needed now. Thanks to everyone who auditioned
  6. We're looking for 2 additional male models for a music video. - Nice MESH avatars of AFRICAN and ASIAN (Japanese or Chinese) appearance. - Clean cut look - please own a NICE business suit or tuxedo - No animations or experience required. To learn more or to schedule an audition please contact me inworld! Eloenne Resident
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olE_4gVKcGw
  8. Hey everyone! Auditions for this have ended. We've successfully booked 7 females and 1 male. Thank you to all applicants. We'll be posting here again in the future for dancers and movie extras.
  9. Thank you everyone for replying! I've sent inworld IM's!
  10. Dancers wanted for music video that will be posted on Youtube! We're looking for about 4 females and 1 or 2 FLAMBOYANT gay males (makeup, heels ect.) No dance experience required as you will be on a HUD. However, we would like to host an audition which will basically consist of us meeting face to face, taking a look at your avatar and applicants trying on the demo outfit. NOTE: outfits will be paid for as well. The actual video taping will be held on a Saturday. Time and date to be announced once we've found our dancers. So please also have some flexibility on Saturdays. We anticipate the taping of this scene to take only 1 hour. However, there will be future scenes that require dancers. WANT TO KNOW MORE? Contact me! eloenne Resident
  11. My family hosted again for the Free Bird grid wide event and I decided to make a video of costumes and other host locations.We had tons of fun!
  12. I was dancing with my mer friends and just started filming because it was so beautiful. ^.^ VIDEO - DANCE IN ASGARD
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