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  1. THANKS A BUNCH EVERYONE!! These are really great resources and advice. And thanks to everyone who messaged me inworld!
  2. Hello So all of my friends have Flickr accounts and they have been encouraging me to get one. BUT, my photography skills are very basic..like..SL snapshot and that's it basic. A few of them have promised to help me achieve a nice quality of photo but this is difficult as none can commit to frequent lessons. So here I am, willing to pay for assistance. I would like to be able to take nice photos to start a Flickr page. It doesn't have to be over the top. I just need some tricks of the trade. I am Central time and am online often. I would like weekly lessons - maybe 1 hour per week. Interested? Please send me an IM inworld! Also I would love to see your work!
  3. hahah, Yes..I got to UBER..never have trouble getting in there. It's Kustom and Collab that have me peeking from the neighboring sims
  4. yesss, the good old days. I was surprised to see MM boards still around. ^.^ People are still into them. I've graduated to the mass Seraphim shopping and gacha!!!!!!! 
  5. Hey! ^.^ I recently returned to SL after a 3 year break and WOW things have changed. MESH! I am addicted to it and find myself shopping and enjoying events more than anything. My fondest memories of SL are of going to click Midnight Madness boards with my friends and waiting to see what we won. Also shopping for freebies and rallying back at each other's houses to open boxes and try stuff on. I'd really love to find a female/females who love following Seraphim, going to gacha events, sales..whatever! Someone preferably in her 30's and who enjoys very feminine things, fashion, ect. Yeah, I am kinda girly. :P I'm also very easy going, down to Earth and loyal to those I care about. I'm waiting on you! MESSAGE ME! :) 
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