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  1. hello I am a neko and wish to remove my human ears. I bought an ear remover, but this leaves a see thru hole where the ears were. Any ideas, or product out there that will remove the ears, and not leave a hole? I tried to add an attachment and tint it my skin color, but this just adds attachments I really dont want, and didnt look that great anyway. thanks so much
  2. when using paint.net.....what I do is remove all ya can with the wand. Then I add a layer, and make it a bright contrasting color, sink it below.....then I click on layer to clean and now you can see all those fine lil green lines, I use the eraser , bring the pic up big to better see, and clean out any leftovers....hope that helps
  3. hello I have looked everywhere and just cant seem to find a HUD. One HUD that I can put things from all my other huds into. Mainly walks, stands, sits, runs, fly, etc....but if it will hold dances etc too...great! Every one I have seen have already pre loaded stuff in them, I just want an "empty" one I can add too. I have all these AOs I have things I like about them, would love to combine my favs to one hud. thx so much
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