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  1. Im trying to find the positives in Last names and i dont see one , not one worth paying my hard earned lindens for , i dont want to pick a last name from a short list that thousands and thousands of other people will be picking from , i dont want to pick Moon , sun , Angel , insert 50 more GENERIC names here and then have to PAY to pick from this Generic list . Whats so hard about letting people type in their own last names? i have a last name that i have had for years now and so does all my family members in SL. Why cant we just pay to type in that last name and make it ours? picking from a Generic list of names is garbage and i for one will not be paying and will be sticking to Resident and just having my last name appear in my Display name.
  2. ZoeyMara

    Grid statas wrong

    nope wasnt just my sim we were all on multiple different sims across the grid , but its fixed now , and i would file a support ticket if LL made it easy to find where, i couldnt find it so i wrote on the forum.
  3. ZoeyMara

    Grid statas wrong

    RIght now the grid status is showing green , but no one can rez, names are showing (Loading..) cant open IMs cant do anything ....LL needs to update the status and fix the problems and its not just me its all my friends saying the same thing
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