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  1. I'm very new to RP, but looking around communities for hospital radiology positions, IM me if you have any opportunities available
  2. I'm not ssure how to IM from here I tired to look up your name and didn't have results, I'm interested in hospital staff positions
  3. looking for peeps to exploring sims with, play boardgames with, shop, do photos, hang out, even watchmovies, im female, would prefer adult males, but would be open for females im easy going on mornings and late evenings tue-fri find me in game and tell me your fav game or weird sim~
  4. I know this isn't technically employment, but sl career focused. I've been considering on and off for awhile of trying to get an sl job, i was considering dancing, but most places still want you to emote. curious if anyone has any tips or recommendations on products or websites or huds that could help with that. i feel like its a stupid thing to ask for, should be easy, but.... any advice is appreciated. also if anyone knows places willing to teach new employees that be great to. I'm fully mesh wish a pretty sweet wardrobe imo. lol https://www.flickr.com/gp/140290716@N06/07yQ
  5. I'm trying not to rant, i'm tired and cranky, prolly why im so upset. I'm not a very sl savvy person, so I apologize ahead of time if i sound dumb when I first started I found this wonderful cabin in portal park. cozy winter cabin, I tried to go back there and its been changed and I can't figure out how it works..im assuming its still connected to the portals, but can't figure out how to get to them..they are all models. anyway that got me looking around...all I want is a winter location with a cabin..but i can't find ANY WINTER AREAS. everything is tropical and island theme. I
  6. Ok, I still call myself a newb, and trying to find the names for something i need so i can search for it. I had a friend when i first started who helped me a lot with learning everything. before my comp failed 6 months ago i just got crs wardrobe, and was takin pics if clothing items to store. My friend had a huge white....what id call photo box, that i used. now im trying to figure out how to do it now. are there free areas that have white backdrops? can i make one pretty easily? any info or tutorials would be great
  7. now, it seems my apha layers don't workin my maitreya hud either, really weird, i'm wearing the body, and the alpha.
  8. im in the same boat, only my in game age is only a year, ive been gone 6 months.
  9. pretty simple, I like to dance and explore places, and shop, and movies, hard to know what to put here. hard making friends in sl, try to find populated sims but thats hard to lol,
  10. I haven't been on in 6 months, and lost my contacts that usually help me with clothing issues Im trying to figure out why my appliers arn't working, I have a maitreya body, at first i thought it was an issue with omega appliers, but i even looked up specific maitreya appliers and they wont work either, I had an issue was an add on object and wonder if someone fixing that i messed up my appliers please ask for any info that you need, thanks for your help
  11. thank you! yeah nci was a lifesaver when i started!
  12. first of all Im new, so i apologize for anything that sounds dumb, or not knowing the right venacular for things. i really loved my starting advatars hair. it was daisy and its a beautiful strawberry blonde red color. what color would you call it? i just want some moveable hair (not sure if thats rigged mesh or flex) in that color. i try to search those color names and cant find anything close. but i think the marketplace can be tempermental. any reccomended shops or things to search for that mught help?
  13. Im bew. like 3 sl dats old. what I feel so far is theres no one one around and hard to make friends or find stuff to do, but i think im just having issues grasping the game. a friend to help me and show me fun stuff to do would be great
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