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  1. MadPea is hiring some amazing, talented individuals to join our team! We’ve got several positions open for the right people, so if you think you fit what we’re looking for or know someone that does, apply today! Are you an experienced 3d designer? Do you have creativity, talent and passion? We want you! Apply as a MadPea Designer here. We’re looking for some exceptional, adventurous and creative bloggers to join our growing Blogger team! Applications close on the 15th. Apply as a MadPea Blogger here. We’re looking for our next crop of marvelous ModPeas! Our community wouldn’t be the same without our amazing ModPeas taking care of it and cheerfully chattering in our channels. Do you love all things MadPea? Have at least 6 hours a week to spare and enjoy helping people? Then apply today! Applications close on the 18th of September. Apply as a MadPea ModPea here. Are you the the life and soul of the party? Love hosting events, coming up with great ideas and finding new experiences for people to enjoy? You might be just the person we’re looking for! We are hiring a talented, experienced and dedicated Event Planner to join our team. If you have what it takes or know someone that does, apply today! Applications close on the 18th of September. Apply as a MadPea Event Planner here. Got an eye for detail and experience as Quality Assurance Lead? Want to work for one of the best teams in Second Life? Then we have the job for you! There is no end date for this application. Apply as a MadPea Quality Assurance Lead here. We look forward to hearing from you and expanding our MadPea Family.
  2.  Today it's party time! At 2pm slt our MadPea Pool Party begins! Head over to the Pea Park and come join us for: * A competition with $$$ prize for the Maddest outfit, let us see your craziest clothes to win! * A live DJ, all your favourite Peas and all you can eat and drink! * An exclusive hunt! Uh oh, someone has been trying to ruin the party! Help us find them and follow the clues to corner the culprit! * Get those moves immortalized! Yes, our amazing camera guy will be there filming so you'll get to relive every moment again and again! See you there! Teleport: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Harms%20Way/119/172/1233
  3. I've got several beautiful beach and seafront plots for sale, perfect if you love to sail or just be a beach bum! They are all currently at reduced prices of 1L per m2. 2 X 4080sq 2 X 2048sq 1 x 1136sq http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pushkin/221/92/29 You can send me a NC in world if you have any queries or are interested in talking about the land and pricing.
  4. This is a really great idea! Fantastic for showing old players that theres always something new out there and new players what SL has to offer
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