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  1. Thank you. I thought I heard somewhere a long time ago that a JIRA was the way to go about this but when I looked at the site it seemed to be only geared towards bug reporting. Also I do know it is probably pointless but still if we do not ask it may never even be considered. @TDD123 a simple key bind wouldn't be enough unfortunately but thank you. What I'm looking for is more akin to mmo type movement where wasd controls walking exactly like sl does but the right mouse when held down can pan the camera as you are using wasd which I don't think is configurable in any meaningful way at the moment. Further the idea of the shift modifier for right click would be to retain the standard sl right click functionally (*wink, grin, chuckle* just for you Paul. ).
  2. Hello, could we possibly get a preference toggle to affect right mouse behaviour. state one for normal operation state two allows the camera to pan from the default avatar camera state (while the right mouse is held down) and also enable shift right click to bring up normal right click context. (shift right click being unbound at the moment and a natural consideration for said action/interaction) This would would mimic the behaviour found in many other video games and help those that play them, like myself, to feel more natural in our navigation. Cheers
  3. Nice grassland lot 1536 m2. 7965 L - Priced fairly under market value to sell. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Qudark/223/207/74
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