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  1. I'm strongly believing now that I can get a girlfriend without money. I just need my living heart and soul.
  2. Yup, TechDave is correct. I tried to search for hanger and this one look very similar. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Flywalker-Delta-Hangar-22/7490378 If you buy that and some windows and doors, I can help you to edit to match that house easily. That house is modifiable so it seems like you can make the height of that hanger lower.
  3. Opps! I forgot that it's Women World Cup match: France and Korea. 31 minutes have passed :(.
  4. I was about to get one of the houseboats prior to Linden release but changed my mind because I couldn't find a good land community.
  5. Thanks for that comment, I heard that somewhere before but I forgot to embed in my mind. I need to remember that.
  6. 🙂 Maybe Erwin doesn't have a houseboat, is that right Erwin?
  7. That's so true if I lived in the jungle and free from any mean of currency. I would be like a Tarzan met a lovely Lady Greystoke. I know what you meant, but I meant the other way to survive in this city to live to have a girlfriend.
  8. Yeah, it happens. Look like we need to think carefully before typing out loud 🙂.
  9. I'm sorry, I misused my words. I didn't mean to be in misogynist way. What I meant was "May I have your Linden dollar? I need it to get a girlfriend , I don't know how to get a girlfriend without some form of currency."
  10. I tried to search but couldn't find it. I can make you one like that. If you can take me to your land, I can help you to measure then build you one.
  11. May I have your Linden dollar? I need it to buy a girlfriend , I don't know how to get a free girlfriend.
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