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  1. No matter how great a drainage system is, it all has to empty out somewhere and when there is 50+ inches of rain water falling down on one place, there is nothing that can be done but watch it rise up. They did manually lower some levees but again, where does that empty out too? No we are not "ignorant" but I am also bowing out of this as well because the more I read about how stupid we are for staying the angrier I get because unless you lived through what we have you have NO right to calls us stupid or in your terms ignorant! Enjoy your glass houses.
  2. OK for those naysayers screaming about people refusing to leave their homes and how stupid they are.... For starters we remember the "Evacuation from hell". I was 8 and a half months pregnant going from Houston to Dallas, a trip mind you that would have taken about 4 hours. Took us nearly 26 hours. I could get out and walk faster than the cars were going. I watched as an explosion killed many senior citizens who were forced to leave because of a hurricane that let me remind you, never even hit us! I was watching as people had to leave their dead pets out on the sides of the roads because of th
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