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  1. I have been having an issue when manipulating textures in the edit texture window. I find that when I am trying to change the values (scale/ repeats/ rotations/ offsets), they will snap back to original value. I am not using material maps, basically just putting texture on a plane. I have tried just using the up and down arrows, inputting the new value and hitting tab or enter, adding multiple 0 after ( 1.000000)... nothing seems to be helping. Please, Help!
  2. I understand the 'no refund' policy, and I have absolutely NO problem, if that is their policy. What I did have a problem with was the "can't, It's against TOS" smoke-screen, without any actual proof. I simply asked them to direct me to the proper documentation. In RL, stores have to have "NO REFUNDS" posted in a highly visible location to be able to point to it and go "SEE?!". I've already written off the L$ as 'my bad'. I'm just the type of person that likes to see 'the talk' that matches 'their walk'. Thanks for the responses, I really appreciate the clarifications!
  3. Hello, I shopped at a location that required you to purchase credits to purchase their products. When I had credits that weren't needed, I requested a refund of remaining credits. I was advised by their Support Portal that they could not refund my lindens due to it being a LL TOS violation. I requested that they supply me a link to the cited information, but they declined doing so, by telling me that I have to do my own research in regard to it. Would anyone be able to direct me to the location of LL TOS regarding this matter? Thanks.
  4. Are gacha machines regulated in regards to percentage of commons vs. rares? I KNOW that it is a game of chance, and I love playing them! (gach addict!!) :smileylol: Let's say I played a single machine 62 times, and recieved a single rare. Wouldn't that make it a 0.016129 percent chance of getting a rare? Is there a standard percentage. It just seemed rather odd to me (and no, this is not a case of "I wanna win a rare" pouting!) TIA for any help!
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