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  1. Thank you! (btw.: both angel files are blend files, the .dae file is missing)
  2. That looks great! I'm not sure if I can follow the steps ... :matte-motes-crying: Can someone tell me please if the rigs (the .dae files) for download on the bento Wiki page are outdated or not? They are from June 2016 and there have been some changes made since then. Thank you.
  3. Thank you! I was afraid I had done something dangerous...
  4. Since 2 days I can't login to Aditi, anyone else who has problems?
  5. A short addition with a male character. Try to watch on 4k TV! The possibilities for machinima are incredible!
  6. Still WIP, but I want to show some nice results with the MakeHuman Avatar 1.1 -> Blender 2.77 -> Avastar 2.0 You may notice that there are problems especially with the eyes, but a start is made :-)
  7. These steps (short version) work best for me: 1. Import the MakeHuman character (best height: 185cm) with the opensim-rig (26 bones) to blender 2. Use the Avastar Transfer-Tool, choose Extended Rig, Repair Rig 3. Unbind from armature, delete the skeleton 4. Alter the location of the meshes (eyes and so on too) slightly (0.015) and apply 5, Add new Rig, extended-only rig 3. Go to the Appearence-Tab, select 'skeleton' and shorten the neck length (and the hands too, but that is another project), best for me to 34, so that the face-bones are in place. 4. Set bind pose and bind to armature (bones). 5. Export with Avastar Yes, I made animations too, but this is not that easy, because teeth and tongue have to be weighted manually.
  8. Just an addition and feedback, showing how the sliders work inworld on the MakeHuman's meshavatar's face (using Avastar 2.0-11). The first picture shows the default female face. You can easily edit, correct, change... 
  9. Just want to show that the sliders work fine on the Makehuman mesh:smileylol: 
  10. Maybe it could be helpful a little bit to compare with the MakeHuman default skeleton? The hands are working fine with animations, and the number of bones is almost the same. Edit: Sorry I forgot to add that of course I had in mind, that this might simplify the Avastar-transfer tool (MakeHuman -> SL-Avatar) :matte-motes-big-grin: 
  11. Just an example for the use of Gaia's additional facebones: Now I successfully placed the teeth :matte-motes-big-grin: 
  12. Yes, I agree. The 'original' hand is kind of flat. I had problems with the thumb and the little (fifth) finger always too far at the outside ...,
  13. I dn't know much about rigging and weighting, I'm even not really familiar with Blender :matte-motes-confused: But with Gaia's suggested modifications I was able to animate the Makehuman Avatar without other changes (no additional weighting). Please have a look at the smooth faceanimation (I need it for a special machinima). (sorry, I don't know how to embed a video :smileysad:
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