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  1. I have checked the sound box on my parcel so that my radio does not leak over my property lines. But the next parcel can hear it. The cannot hear my radio. Only the YouTube coming from my TV. Help! The landlord could not help. they are the ones that live on the next parcel. :)
  2. YESSSS....PLEASEEEE..... I finally found a brand that has a black underpant under all skirts and dresses...it is soooo much nicer then the big void canyon that goes up into your head. There are such efforts made for realism...and then this happens.....COME ON!! There should be a set of lingerie that can be worn for those that don't want to look down their shirt and see the floor!! Kudos to the Logic (I think) brand for doing what they do for this problem....the rest need to follow suit....at the very least!!!
  3. My hover is out of whack...and even when I reset it...if I click and sit on a any object with poses...I end up under the object. It is driving me crazy!!
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