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  1. I enjoy making love to my husband irl; we do it least twice a day, but couple days a week I ***** my sl boyfriend on here and the sessions are really good... because we have good roleplay. Yes, my husband knows I play this and prefers it as this is only a game and for fun, I would never cheat on him irl, to me sl isnt cheat as its only avis doing sexual poses so to answer your question I enjoy both sex ;-)
  2. Updated the photos, to more professional look!
  3. Little bit of information about me. Hi my Name is Princess Vasanta I like to write sensual erotica and like to think of myself as a sensual princess, who loves to be massaged and pampered, but can also be wild when I need to be My avatar has an amazing Taox Tattoo on her upper back all the way to her right ass cheek, she is petit and busty with 34D boobs and a lovely fully shaven pusys for you to make love to and lick. I also Use Tnatra pregnancy Hud for Preg RP for guys that are into that sort of stuff. Contact me in game for my rate card here is picture of my avatar below, note she has a bit shorter hair now so the tattoo is not so hidden. and I take all payments through my tipjar at my house or directly. 
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