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  1. I saw an avatar earlier that was using a nicely done static pose with subtle movement in the hands only. I asked her where it was from but she didn't respond.

    I haven't seen any like it before. Anyone have any idea where it may have been from? 

    Thanks in advance ♥

  2. Hi. Im looking for recommendations on some open-concept homes or skyboxes.. i already know that trompe loeil, onsu and scarlet creative have some, but im curious about any specific recommendations... which home is your favorite? thanks!

  3. ive asked about it from the person who posted it, but no response so far and i need it in my life. lol.. anyone know where this bodysuit is from? .. thanks in advance!!


  4. I was just wondering if anyone can tell me why I always get this error when I try to get something redelivered from my marketplace order history? I have tried searching, showing only 5 items even, and it has not helped. I have many things I need redelivered that are only in MP and I refuse to repurchase them.

    Help?! lol - Thanks in advance!


  5. I've been in sl for about 6 years now, and still to this day, I have met very few people my age.. sooo.. i decided to start a group called "Generation X'ers" for those born between 1965-1980. 

    I hope it will be a good place for us to get to know more ppl our age and to share hangout spots etc.

    Here is the link if interested! Thanks :) secondlife:///app/group/eb82e487-e581-4e8d-e2eb-70de5a515453/about

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