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  1. Thank You Rolig, you're help has been noted. It's been roughly a good few months since the question; perhaps I exaggerated on the "lengthy" description posts, but anyhow. I still have the issue, but I've managed. I've done a bit of investigating and I assure you, long posts of about 4 paragraphs in one sitting come out fine and in order from other users, I was able to do this myself as well with no issues (not that I post 4 damn paragraphs, but you get it) Incidentally, this issue doesint really rob me of sleep. Like I said I've managed and my question was essentially answered. Thank you.
  2. Look dude, I asked for an answer on a technical question. If I wanted pointers on how to make my posts I'd go elsewhere. If you're gonna be a dick about it why even bother "answering"
  3. In a nutshell. Im an avid paragraph RP'er here in Second Life. Im in the habit of posting long descriptive paragraphs in local chat. I understand that if I write something that is long it usually divides it into sections and it does a double post (which is normal) but as of recently I've had this problem where I post a lengthy paragraph and the last part shows first and the first shows last, so they're reversed. I've no clue how to fix this, I been in preferences trying to figure out if it's something to do with the way chat works or is it lag. I have no answers. So if anyone knows about this
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