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  1. If you have already an experience as a manager and would like to participate in running quality adult place contact with bluepapillon Resident inworld. (This is not an escort place!) You need to: - be over 25 years old in RL, - be at least one year in SL, - like to communicate with people, - have a positive attitude towards newbies, - have cheerful and non conflict personality, - have some knowledge about D/s lifestyle. If you have no experience as a manager but you are a fast learner you can apply also.
  2. I am looking for a scripter experienced in LSL <---> SQL who is communicative and can consult and answer questions. Contact with bluepapillon Resident inworld if you are intrested.
  3. Thank you. Probably you are right. I will check it.
  4. Hi I set while download of pose: 1)Priority 4 2) Loop 3) In(%) 0 Out 100 4) Hand relaxed 5) no expression 6) Ease In (sec) 0.3 8) Ease Out (sec) 0.3 however the avatar is a bit moving while in the pose. What can be the reason? I use U-Poser to create animation inworld.
  5. I don't think this creator needs such kind of advertisment. That was simple question people. Don't make a conspiracy theory to it. I am creator myself and last thing I would do is to advertise someone's else products. Thanks to all who are normal here and were able to provide simple answer.
  6. I posted question with a hope that someone has them. I don't expect everyone to know the answer or inspect every object that is at his or he sight. This is Fanatik creation. Thank you all for willingness to help. Question has been answered.
  7. It means that build is not available inworld. I think it is obvious otherwise I would not ask. Yes I have checked MP. Also couldn't find. Maybe somoene has them and recognizes that creation. That is only way for me to find out probably here at forum.
  8. I ask because it is not possible to check. Maybe someone has them and knows where they can be purchased.
  9. Does anyone recognize the creator/shop? 
  10. Hi I am looking for animations for gardening with tools in the set. It is easy to find cleaner's set but I have no luck in finding similar for gardener. If you know any set available on Marketplace let me know. It can be anything - planting the flowers, digging in the ground etc. Greetings
  11. I am looking for DJs available on Saturdays - 9 PM - 11 PM (SL time) - 12 PM - 2 AM (SL time) Contact: BluePapillon Resident
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