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  1. How is your permapet? still alive? My tigers are still alive but I am afraid to move from my parcel because i'm afraid to take them into inventory . I wish I could have someone from LL fix the permissions on them so they didnt need the server or something. Has anyone taken their permapet into inventory? Do they live?
  2. I wish they had given notice so I could have purchased linden prior to the raise like I did last time. Obviously this was on purpose. My friends and I have been struggling to support the little guy shops and will not be buying items any more. I would think shop owners would be complaining.
  3. I have been in a panic over this also. I consider my permapets to be therapy animals and have been holding my breath every day. I dont dare take them into inventory because thats when problems arise. I wish the company had been taken over because personally I have not found a better quality tiger with such low LI as 14 ! They run around and interact with such amazing AI . Take lots of photos and hugs
  4. OH you must be premium. I have been on 13yr free and paying a small rent. Buying L has been necessary and cheaper than premium including my rental, but lately the exchange seems to be more wonky than ever before. Thanks for the fish ! 👋
  5. my rant is that they shouldnt post an estimated time at all because it is a complete unknown. I know it is an exchange and not LL (How can you guys be in SL and not buy Lindens? )
  6. Rant coming I understand it is "Estimated"" but come on I wouldnt have gone through with the limit buy yesterday if it hadnt said 4 hours. I understand it is just software but i am a bit ticked off because I bought a large amount. It was the number of L offered when i opened the page, a reasonable number and time so i purchased. Page refreshing it it still said 4 hours so I told my friends. How are new players supposed to get involved when it doesnt come through? Its not like it said 'days' - god forbid you click on it then, at that point it should say say something like Estimated Time to Fill - UNKNOWN Maybe limit buy should just say this all the time "Estimated Time to Fill - UNKNOWN " there we go, much better lol rant over
  7. I consider this topic "Solved" as dashboard being worked on , fixed.
  8. my dashboard has always identified me as Myst Serenity . I have not made any recent changes to my name and suddenly today it isnt so i found that to be strange and concerning 🤷‍♀️ * shrug * ( I am aware forums are separate)
  9. My dashboard keeps showing my inworld nickname and not my legacy name and it is really worrying me. this has Never happened before. On this page it is correct.
  10. OMG I GET IT !!! ( I gotta write this down) I swear I should have bought more at 252 back in march Grr
  11. I purchased Linden at that price in March- I thought that "L$252 / US$1.00 L$2,181,361" meant that there was $2,181,361 available to buy at that price. Guess I am incorrect and wish dearly they would set up their exchange page better
  12. I truly wonder what pings the limit buy. My purchase isnt outrageous at 252 and yet it sits there for a month and the remaining quantity is going UP. L$252 / US$1.00 L$2,181,361 Was L$ 14,000 not enough to ping the software? I ended up having to cancel and spend half on instant buy. Now $7,000 has been sitting there for a few weeks and i am watching the remaining quantity go up instead of paying me. What am i doing wrong how to i get the attention of the software? ( or whatever it is called that controls it) Last month i purchased More just to see if that would do it - nope.
  13. I went to a store and seeing how badly things were acting I decided not to buy anything- got home and saw that i had paid for something I had not - AND the item not in my inventory. ( IM'd the seller but I doubt I will be ackowledged )
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