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  1. Bumping because I too am looking for a place to do some freelance dancing at. I sometimes go to Strippers Role Play, but it's dead. Also I really want to dance at Orgasms since they have poles and it's always buys, but it says I need to be in a group to do so.
  2. If you're looking for her on a web browser you won't find her. If you're using the SL veiwer: -If you're appearing as a cloud of smoke or not at all your avatar is most likely still loading -You're have a mesh avatar and you're not using a mesh enabled avatar Perhaps you could take a screenshot and show us what's going on?
  3. Maybe fiddling with the transparency in the edit menu will help?
  4. I've already looked up all the hair makers that I can think of, and searched for things like "curly" "pigtail" "ponytail". Please help?  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Envious-Dark-Secret/9334443
  5. The best avatar for anime looks: Kemono or Avatar 2.0 If you choose to buy the Kemono I suggest the UTI Venus head. It's a personal favorite, and I think it would make a nice Kaneki. If you go for the 2.0 you might be interested in this head. I personally haven't tried it, but the creator has a good reputation, and it has good reviews. (if you get the Kemono) This skin For the ghoul eye and human eye (These will work for any UTI head, but I'm not sure if it will work for the other one) This hair (Keep in mind that whatever hair you purchase for the above heads will have to be non-rigged) This mask or this mask (If you get the avatar 2.0) These shorts As for clothes I can't find a Tokyo Ghoul specific outfit, but you could probably mix and match to find the right look. I highly recommend Krankhaus. They make clothing exclusively for the Kemono or Avatar 2.0. Also some mesh clothes made for normal avatars have a chance to work. I hope this helps, and good luck!
  6. After running through all of your suggestions it turned out to be an issue with my playback device. Thank you for help.
  7. Normally I would be able to hear sounds like teleporting to a new region, emotes, songs, streaming music, and other basic sound effects. I can't hear any form of media/audio. I have the volume on my laptop turned up. In my SL settings I enabled everything that has to do with sound. All of the volumes are turned up. I don't have anything blocked in my SL veiwers. I'm having this issue with the vanilla veiwer, singularity, and the snowstorm veiwer. I can go to youtube on my laptop and listen to music just fine, so I don't think its a driver issue.
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