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  1. I'm totally New to Scripting. And want to make An object 100% transparent and 0% Transperant using HUD. Can anyone help me for that ?
  2. Not only you... The issue starts spreads for many now... Did u take any gift object from anyone in these past few days? And make a support case to let the LL know that many having this same issu....
  3. Well since today morning i also facing the same problem. Others can login my same viewer but not me though. I also tried the other viewers and no help. I made support case so i can get reply LL directly,but still not sure. And im using this time to take a break from sl. If the issue is fixed ill come back or ill leave my virtul life forever. Cuz i paid much in my account. And btw did you get any gift object from anyone in these past days?
  4. can you answer me these Questions? 1 did you take any object or gift item from anyone in these past days? 2 where are you from? 3 how old is your account that you couldn't log in with?
  5. same problem with me. I've just created the suppor Case. https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/
  6. I'm also having the same problem.....
  7. Yeah i'm dealing with the same issue now. Just created a Quest on it. It's a issue only on specific accounts. My sister's Account works fine on the same viewer.....
  8. My sister logged in my pc viewer and it works fine for her. But This issue happens only to my account. please help. i tried firstorm viewers also same issue only for my account. screen shots: 1. First 2. After failed to login
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