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  1. oh the problem is solved after 14 days. They dont have live chat but have ticket system.
  2. is anybody having issue with skrill recently ? I have never faced this issue in last 3 years. It was perfect until now. I always process my credit USD to skrill then to my bank account. But my last transaction from skrill to my bank account got stuck. And it is not returing to my skrill account as it suppose to be in 5 days. It's been 10 days now the transaction status still showing "pending" so am I only one to having this issue with skrill or there are others people too from second life ? and I cant use pay pal as pay pal is not available in my country yet.
  3. still cant access to preview grid with any viewer. same message "Login Failed"
  4. I tried everything. But same error saying "Login Failed" well I can login in web browser for both main and beta. But cant get into preview grid with any viewer. Also contacted support but no response at all. Please help.
  5. I face these problems all the time. Well I use mixed rig in 3ds max. Which contains standard 5 sizes, a shape similar to Slink's and another similar to Maitreya (not the original which I cant get :matte-motes-asleep: ).
  6. thanks for the tips. I hope it will work
  7. thanks for the reply and I will try that. and yes the textures are converted to 8 bit while uploading to SL. thanks a lot
  8. these are the photos from inworld and from photoshop now you can understand my issue with the lighting. You can see the colors on the ceiling is not like the actual texture. It should be more yeloowish rather than grey. 
  9. Hi I am building a store in a place. I setup an environment settings which has its own lighting system and its cool. I tweaked the ambient lighting and occlusion effect to the maximum so my textures don’t become dark in here. I created my textures in 3ds max by vray with gamma of 2.2 (also set that in SL too in the edit sky setup dialogue). Adjust the images in photoshop to its maximum brightness but still my textures are too dark in world when I upload them. I brought the textures here in PNG format 16 bit. Its like a 50% of grey tone is on top of my textures. Any suggestion would help. thanks my viewer : Firestorm
  10. Hi everyone I am having problem with the size of my building. I worked in 3ds Max. Set the units in feet or even in meters but when I upload and drag the model in SL world in my sim it is way too small. Can anyone help what is the solution about this ? Which type of unit setup should I use in 3ds Max while modeling buildings ?
  11. thanks for the info but as I said I already add my local bank account to skrill and it is verified. I gave all the details they wanted.
  12. I am not wrong. We all know here that pay pal is not here. Look If I try to open an account in pay pal at least at the very first page I have to choose the country. In there Bangladesh is not listed.
  13. I am from Bangladesh. We dont have Pay Pal yet. Well the government said it will be in a year. But I am hearing this for last 3 years. I also researched in forums and I know that its not only our gov, its PayPal who rejected to give their services in our country.
  14. Hello I have connected my Skrill account in secondlife and it is fully varified now. I have also added my credit card. Waiting to load my credit card to buy some lindens to increase my "sell L$" limit so I can sell lindens in Linden Lab. And We dont have pay pal in our country yet. So my question is that can I withdraw USD from Linden Lab to my Skrill account so I can transfer the money to my local bank account ? please help I am confused here.
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