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  1. Ya'll forgettin SL was not an overnight success nor did it come freshly packaged with everythin handed to you. I remember entering SL like what is going on here, it took me months just to grasp it and years to learn how to develop my own spaces in SL. Of course Sansar is not even in Alpha yet, and they are just testing things right now so they can't tell you what will be available until they get a stable, cohesive build. I believe content creators migrating from SL will have an advantage over people who are new to virtual platforms and maybe SL will become the playground in which you can test things before 'stepping up' to Sansar with its more complex, though I find more appealing, approach to design and packaging what you want to put out into the world. SL is whatever YOU make it into, and it looks like Sansar will also be whatever YOU make it into, just prettier which is fine by me, I can't wait to go there and test it and do stuff and break stuff and learn from my mistakes and evolve my understanding of code and 3D modelling beyond what I'm already comfortable with Gaia Kitten ==
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