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  1. i just made a campfire too , thanks for good idea
  2. ooooo i like that , ok i will use that
  3. i just know if you go afk on sex furniture anyone can do anything to you , its happened to me many times at clubs etc anyway i have changed the house its full of games now , if i wanted it to be a sex sim i would just say it , i wouldnt care , end of day im doing it all free so where would the profit be ? and i dont have sl sex so i really have nothing to get out of it but feel free to come check it out now
  4. Took all the sex stuff away but left the bed cus the room looks cute and all houses have a bed haha but if anyone has a better name than AFK beach let me know x
  5. also i never actually noticed the sim was M , i never pay attention so just assumed it was adult ;-/
  6. noooo it is a place to hang out and a place to rez ur items , i called it afk beach because most people to afk and its a beach haha i couldnt think of a good name but if u guys can then let me know , and yeah i did sex things in the house because if people have no home i thought they might still want to go somewhere , and usually they go home ! its not a place to go for sex tho , i just thought be nice to give the option as most people have sl sex (i never do its not my thing) but i know 90% of people enjoy it x
  7. sorry i totally forgot lol http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dethly Island/235/88/21
  8. Hi guys hope this is the right place to put this but i have made place to just hang out and AFK if you don't have a home it's cute little beach with a house on top of the hill all beach and house furniture is adult tho so AFK at own risk i also made it so that if you are homeless , you can Join group to REZ all this is free , you dont have to pay anything just wanted to make something nice for people x x http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dethly Island/235/88/21
  9. we moved lol turned it winter http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sina/110/153/2432
  10. So we made a WINTER land with 2 houses and have a free group and any one can make it their home and rez their items / clothes here or go AFK etc we just wanted those who have no where to call home a place to go we made it Christmas since duh its xmas , feel free to fetch your friends etc all furniture is adult so fetch ur other half too http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sina/110/153/2432 hope this is allowed
  11. please help , how do i get my free land , everywhere i look its by private sellers and being sold for a lot of linden
  12. yes once i send the right tag they can set home
  13. so i saw how many people were homeless in SL and have created Motel unicorn is a place where the homeless people of SL can live for FREEEEEEE , all we ask is if you get land or leave SL you tell us so we can give someone in Need your Home , we have an office with a group joiner that is for tenants and also will be a waiting list to keep people informed when there is free places we got such a good feedback from the idea we are building a 2nd land that should be ready tonight (13th march) for all the Homeless people to live in for free if you are intrested please TP to the office and join the group and look around at what we have to offer or IM me inworld mayzatourment LM - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shadow Springs/30/70/3002
  14. it is secondlife , because it gets boring after a short while when there is nothing at all to do ! granted i would be more bored without secondlife , but when im logged on it gets boring
  15. it can get soooooooooooooooooooo boring on sl sometimes , i do the usual going to clubs and shopping , soooooooooo much shopping ! what else can i do ? i do blogging and landscaping too but their is only so much of that i can do before im bored lol logging and doing rl is not an option when rl kids are in bed and i have nothing to do lol so please can anyone give me links or ideas of anything fun to do thanks
  16. No job too big or small dont have many pics uploaded but here is our flickr to show some of the work https://www.flickr.com/photos/bratpacklandscaping/ any questions please IM me inworld mayzatourment
  17. no strings just someone may as well get use out of it , its just sat there unused lol
  18. add me mayzatourment inworld and i will take you too it and leave you too it i dont want anything in return
  19. Just wondering is anyone homeless on sl? i have a linden house from being a premium member that i never ever use ! so if anyone wants it its yours ! i can even group it to your own group! its fully furnished but i can always take it back an you can furnish it yourself
  20. i dont have many pics but here are some of the sims i have done https://www.flickr.com/photos/148471522@N05/
  21. what kinda store ? i can help decorate a store etc but i have nothing to sell apart from gatcha haha
  22. i can help but when i searched inworld for you i could not find you x
  23. Hey all i have currently decided to start a landscaping business and as im new im just trying to get myself up and running so could everyone please help me by liking my flickr page and i will follow you back! https://www.flickr.com/photos/148471522@N05/ since we are just starting out we are cheap but we dont look cheap and try to work to your budget and work from really small lands to full sims , we can also put down houses for you so if anyone is intrested please IM me inworld (mayzatourment)
  24. how do i get my own? i want it so it turns night just in my parcel
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