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  1. [CLOSED] No longer looking for testers. Thank you for your interest.
  2. My object currently uses 3 scripts. One to change the texture of a face, another to change the textures on numerous faces, and a script that rezzes different objects. What I've done is create a prim for each of these scripts, add the scripts to their own respective prim, and linked those prims to the main object. I'd like to have all three options available on a single click on a single prim. Is there a script on sale that allows me to build a main menu easily?
  3. Ah I didn't know about the Mod permissions and the props, thanks for the info.
  4. When adding animations to furniture is it better to leave animations as Mod, Copy, No Trans? Or would it be better to leave them No Mod, No Copy, Trans?
  5. Nevermind. I did a recount and it turns out there are 9 total faces on the object which could explain that particular face.
  6. I'm building an object that contains 8 faces and setting up a notecard config for a texture changing script. Problem is, one of the faces is listed as ALL_SIDES instead of a number. The 8th face is the only one that I couldn't find while clicking through the different faces, so I'm assuming "ALL_SIDES" is the 8th face. I tried both 0 and 8 for the notecard config file but neither worked. Also tried "ALL_SIDES". Any ideas?
  7. So I've been investing money on quality animations and furniture, so much that the animations themselves (PG mind you) have taken up a lot of my initial budget. Sex sells, but holy crap the full perm animations are so expensive! Not sure if I'll be able to make a return on investment after buying them. Have adult animations improven the sales of your items? Does anyone know a store that sells some good animations for a fair price?
  8. I'm creating houses, not that far off from an architect company. Time to brainstorm again. Thanks guys.
  9. Should I change it? Don't want to run into any legal troubles. It's currently "kyoob", and there so happens to be an architect company already named kyoob. Forgot to do a Google search before I committed to the name.
  10. Recently I purchased a full perm object that includes the AO maps and UV maps. I'd like to paint repeating/tiling textures on UV maps similar to how SL and Blender handles them when covering the meshes including scaling options, but I have no idea how. I tried using the clone tool, but the scaling is too large and it leaves behind seams. Any advice?
  11. Anyone know where I can find a full perm texture changing script that also changes the materials (normals, speculars)?
  12. Anyone know where I can find stores that sell HQ animations (both PG and adult) that I can place into my furniture that I'll be selling?
  13. Better safe than sorry, thanks for the info.
  14. Are there any websites where I could buy meshes created by other users, and am allowed to use them for commercial use in Second Life? I'm basically looking for purchasable mesh objects with unrestricted permissions, if it's allowed of course.
  15. No problem, the more replies the better, thank you. I don't suppose there's a purchasable reliable script available, is there? Anyone know any good ones?
  16. I'm preparing a home to sell but need a way for the potential buyer to demo it. I don't own land, so I figured the next best thing to do is to add a timed demo script to the house. If I do this is there any possiblity a person will find a way to exploit the script and make it useless?
  17. I'm getting ready to release my first mesh home in the marketplace for Second Life and need a way to let the potential customer preview a home they're thinking about buying. Problem is I don't own any land and can't really afford to right now. Would it be a good idea to create a timed demo of the product?
  18. Yes I did, looked at the vertices transformation properties and everything.
  19. So oddly enough linking the two objects fixed the problem. Even when I unlinked them the problem didn't occur again. Not sure what even caused it in the first place.
  20. Sorry to bother you all again... I've succesfully created a layer for the AO map and applied it to SL... but did not expect the alpha sorting bug. Video: http://webmshare.com/3rR08 The video shows the AO layer at 50%, and the same bug occurs at 0% transparency. All four AO walls share the same material shown below.  I noticed other mesh houses are able to pull it off without the bug, specifically the Skye Forest Cabin. I have no idea how though. Anyone know a workaround for this?
  21. I took some time to examine some mesh homes in the market and noticed how the lighting on the meshes divide/split as well. Just wanted to make sure the lighting looked fine with the Advanced Lighting Module disabled, since not everyone can have it enabled without a huge performance hit. Guess it's unavoidable. Apologies to everyone.
  22. Thank you, but did it look fine when uploaded in Second Life with a light source neaby? As mentioned before I exported the model with flat shading, but still got the weird lighting.
  23. Thank you for the response. The shading looks like it's working well in the preview, but when placed near a light source I can see the where the lighting is being divided.  I tried both generating normals and not generating normals and got the same result. Hate to ask this, but is it possible for you or anyone else to take a quick look at the Blender file, test it out, and figure out what I've done wrong? I'd be forever thankful. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/82491530/Room%20West%20Walls.rar This the raw model, before any modifications.
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