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  1. If that were the case, so many people would not be complaining about it...and learn to read as I said "Most" not "most people". If you are going to quote, quote correctly.
  2. You have to almost be a stalker in the forums,cause from what Ive seen no general notice goes out to say that such and such is going to be released at x time..This release was he 2nd time I found out about the houseboats and new homes AFTER they were released..Its really frustrating...
  3. Will there be notification? Seems most find out after they are all taken..
  4. Any more recent information? Its mid June now...
  5. Whenever I stay in a sim for more than a couple minuets, then try to tp to another sim..I crash and have to sign in again. This has happened before, then stopped for several months, now it is happening again...its very annoying.
  6. Whenever I stay in a sim for a long time I cannot transport to another sim by myself or invitation without being logged out of SL. This is truly annoying to me and people trying to tp me.
  7. When I tp either by invitation or by clicking a link, it takes a while then loggs me out...any idea why?
  8. Somehow the spot on got saved to Center 2 and I cannot remove it. Can this be removed and how. Thanks Spice Thank you for your response. But when I attempted to delete the item from my inventory, there was no attach to hud option. I have moved the item so that it is not in my way, but would prefer to remove it altogether. Are there any other options to delete?
  9. I have a darkskinned avi and have been getting white or light color feet wherever I wear heels. None of the shoes that I own have feet or toes already and those that have skin color huds are not working to make the feet the correct color. This issue just came up in the past few weeks. Sometimes the white or light color is to the ankle. I have seen other darkskinned avis with the same issue, so its not just something with the shoes that I have. Could someone take a look at that? Or is there anything else that I can do? Thank you!
  10. I am interested in learning the art of Burlesque and performing. Would like to attend either a class or one on one. Goal is to dance at a classy hot club, as a single or part of a goup. Please contact Spice Hancroft .
  11. Whenever I put on open shoes my feet are way lighter than the rest of the avi. I have tried using the hud for the shoes but does not have an effect. Ive noticed this on other avis as well. Is this a system thing or is there something I can do?
  12. The fireplace is not working. The house control shows on and the local lights is checked in Preferences. Is there something else I can do or is this a system issue?
  13. Hi! I was kicked out of Marketplace for an update. You may want to try again later.
  14. Facelights, fireplace fire, and boob bounce not working. All are showing as worn or on, but are not active. Is there something that I can do or is this a system issue?
  15. Would like to have the market place in English please.
  16. Why is the marketplace that has G M and A in Spanish while the English one is is only General?
  17. How do I change born date from 2008 to 2015. 2015 is correct.
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