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  1. Win 10 Pro, Intel Core i7-4790K, Nvidia 970 gtx, 16g ram, 1Tb HDD, firestorm
  2. yep you're right it's all my fault, nevermind that there were several us trying everything. thank you for whoever you are. I been a PAYING customer for over a year, not ever once complaining or blaming. guess I'll be spending my 250$ a month on something else now.
  3. has anyone even mentioned that second life is NOT working as intended? avatar not rezzing properly when i try to teleport i get disconnected, errors in inventory, objects on my land not rezzing properly when i log on.. etc...... this is new this week.. never had these troubles before now.
  4. same since the maintenance unable to login, no frends online on the Dashboard page but i talk to them in skype and they are logged into SL. please fix the problem Linden
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