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  1. Log in to Second Life Viewer , press the first button from left . Rechange your avatar from there .
  2. AndreeaFC


    Contact the creator and say the poblem.
  3. Search second life on your appstore/google play . I think the app is second life viewer , i think.
  4. This windows is new , probably Linden Lab don't have graphic for this windows yet.
  5. Sorry , but you can't change your nickname . You can delete your account and create a new account with another nickname.
  6. AndreeaFC

    Game not load

    When I press ,,My last location'' or ,,My home'' all it's ok , the game loading , but the game browser and my avatar can't load. When I try to teleport in other location , the game desconnects. Why?:matte-motes-crying:
  7. AndreeaFC

    My age

    I have 18 years , but I can't enter in Adult's Places. Why?
  8. Hi all . I wouls like to create a shop , but I must have an account created 5 days ago or more. I haven't. Can I change date when I created my account?
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