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  1.  I took a picture with the Firestorm Viewer as usual, and ultra- full option. However, as the operation is stopped to close the window and the window floated the crash logger. So, I think. Back to what I reinstall the graphics drivers, Or what caused the problem in the viewer , But setting the picture size to custom and it took over 5000 Even a few days ago , I take a picture with the same settings this problem did not occur.
  2. I sell Linden in Second Life website. When can I get money ? Do you pay to PayPal ?
  3. I accidentally click on the ok I would like to change my nickname, i can not. Please changeㅠㅠ please....! display name : ᴊɪᴜɴ
  4. I had to click. A clear texture cache, but what I want please to recover. Can you recover my inventory?
  5. I had to click. A clear texture cache, but what if I want to recover. Can you recover your inventory? And I emptied the trash.
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