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  1. Interesting--but I'd have to decline. Thanks for the offer!
  2. Sooo it's no suprise that I'm back after a couple of years because I LOVE RP and I've missed the living crap outta it and ultimately, SL. After a long hiatus, I'm back to the drawing board with 0 lindens and no RP character to live out. I would loooove to have a home in a pretty active RP community. In return for free lodging, I can play any role you need to me to fill in (e.g. waitress, judge, police officer, Manager, so on and so forth...). I'm super versatile and stuff I don't know much about it, I learn quickly. I stick to my RP at all times and can be pretty creative with it. Genre
  3. *THE WANDERLUST* is a newly opened open-mic and live music venue for all open mic, live music, poetry reading, street parties and karaoke enthusiasts. If you enjoy karaoke time and meeting people of different walks of life, come visit our location. You just might enjoy the ambiance and the hearty conversations. We are also looking for live performers and a dj for our Grand Opening as well as regular DJs for our weekly themed street fiestas so any interested parties, send (chickychiharu) an IM or visit our joint! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Osbourne%20Beach/152/144/2801
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