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  1. My male alt had the male Slink body for years, unfortunately creators have been dropping it with their clothes etc. Therefore, I updated him with Gianni. I wish I would have waited, because Jake is now updated and only 1500L.

    Jake has a better butt and can get a better upper shape than Gianni, in my opinion. Gianni tends to be arm muscle heavy. In my opinion, I would say Jake is #1, Gianni #2 and Legacy last. Legacy is a great body but the way that the company has it set up, there are some cons. I am on my way to work so am sure others will explain about Legacy.


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  2. 13 hours ago, Olympia Hoxley said:

    I made one myself. Are you using the breasts deformer in the hud? Please attach a gyazo so that we can see how they look like to identify the problem to help you.

    Yes, tried the Hud deformer too. I'll add a pic soon. 

  3. I'm having issues with the look of the breasts. I don't want them too big but when I get to 60 and under on the slider, they look awful. I've tried adjusting fat, cleavage and gravity but still look weird. Is anyone else having this problem? How did you set up your shape, the one included, did you custom make one, buy one?





  4. I was at a club that had high scripts due to light shows and particles. I tried to TP out and Firestorm froze up. Therefore I had to run my task manager (ctrl alt delete) and end Firestorm. I then logged back in. However, my Custom AO that I made in Firestorm is gone, no animations in it, totally empty. I then noticed my Fave Wearables list was gone as well (in the Avatar>Favorite Wearables in top left menu of FS). I then relogged and still they are missing. I am going to relog again and see if it works. Anyone have an idea what to do if it doesn't help?

  5. I am not affiliated or do I know the owners of this place. I found it a few weeks ago and it's pretty cool. There are 3 buildings, one is for people looking for dating/relationships, one is for adult relationships and another is for people looking for just friends. You don't have to join their group or make a panel. You can simply IM the person that you want to reach out to.

    There are games throughout the buildings, so it can be a nice hang out as well.

    Actually Love Dating Agency

    The friend zone building http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gold Hollow/25/68/29


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  6. On 7/18/2021 at 10:05 PM, Rowan Amore said:

    From the front page of my profile

    If you say "r u" because it's shorter than "are you", I'll say "no" because it's shorter than "yes". Other than that, I'm IM friendly. However, please don't IM me with /me smiles. This shifts the responsibility of the conversation onto me whereas it should remain with you. Also, a 'hello' is fine but don't expect me to respond with more than the same. Have we all lost the art of conversing?

    Whenever I make that first contact, it is ALWAYS with something I've read in their profile.  Whether it's a place they have in their picks or something else I found interesting, it's something with which to start a dialog.  It's also never ever, " Great looking av.".  If it's something specific about their avatar I find interesting, I may comment on that as well.

    The worst is the HI back and forth followed by 5-10 minutes of nothing until they come back with, "So, do you come here a lot?"  Why do you bother IMing me in the first place if you aren't focused on talking to me?

    Trust me, it's not you.  It's them.

    I had two of my accounts on at the same time at a beach.. they were not near each other. About 5 men IMed them both with the same line. I think a lot of men just go down the list of females, IMing them and seeing if they can get a response from anyone. Then they will juggle a few IMs and see which woman will be the "easiest to get in sl bed" lol. They think we are stupid.

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  7. On 7/18/2021 at 9:47 PM, Jordan Whitt said:

    Today's peeve - the death of the art of conversation.

    In my desperation for some life and interaction in my SL, I reactivated my profile on a certain SL friendship/relationship website.  This site has the option to send a little "note" first to test out things without having to waste the tokens this site runs on if the person you message isn't interested.  So if I receive a note, it usually says something like "Hi" or "I think we have a lot in common" blah blah blah, so I send a "Hi" back....and then its radio silence.  I get no further messages, notes or contact from the person who contacted me.

    It makes me think of the interactions I get in SL.

    Them - Hi
    Me - Hi there.
    Them - How are you?
    Me - Doing good tonight, how about you?
    Them - I'm good too.
    *ten minutes of silence*
    Them - Well I guess you're busy.

    It's like SERIOUSLY?   YOU APPROACHED ME!!!!  You expect ME to carry the conversation?  

    And I wonder why I think there really IS something wrong with me, and fast losing my will to log in.

    Happens to me as well. I think a lot of people come on SL for others to entertain them, like Rowan said. They do not have conversation skills and do not wish to even learn them to better themselves. They just want easy entertainment from someone to make their SL not boring.

    So. Damn. Annoying.

    And the text speak, ughhhhhhhhhh. *Shakes fists in the air*


  8. I use the Firestorm AO like a lot of people. It's pretty easy to set up and am sure youtube has a tutorial or the Firestorm website.

    I buy breathing/non breathing poses on sale. One of my favorites is Stun Poses. I also buy 1L-50L AOs on the Marketplace and I am able to pull out the animations that I like to input them into my Firestorm AO. A lot of low cost Animation Overriders have some good animations, and you can pick and choose which ones to pull out.

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