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  1. Because you see i'm a dinosaur. i should have died out a long long time ago. Have pitty on the dinosaur. Hand me my hat, excuse me people but wheres the door.
  2. well ill see if sl can help if not. i guess theres nothing i can do but not to post a tread to give attention to it again i didnt think of that....
  3. but if i cant get them all taking off.... thats cool at least just that one..... yes what i did was stupid... i regret it. thats why i want it down. So that being said thanks for your help.
  4. I'll just keep my views to myself... no use in fighting. it does no good.
  5. well i messaged tommy linden... and i made a ticket at SL support. Maby it will help.
  6. like make a ticket? on SL support? and its OK im not retaliating this time.
  7. Who can i contact to delete a topic tread i dont want on here?
  8. your the one that started all this. Im proud to be staight I dont fear man.
  9. you all hate me because of my preference right? Women or lesbians? Women do like me.
  10. I wish you fruits would shut up! What i got to be proud of is I'm not you. Now there something to be proud of.
  11. not for me. I play the way I want to. everyone thinks everyone should be robots in this yes i said it "game" chat line is what it is. everyone can kiss my ASS. I heard i'm not the only one you did this too.
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