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  1. Whatever I am is irrelevant to the questionand th4e issue. The land is a public land. There's game tables, a couple pools, seats and places to hang out. It is not a business and it sells nothing. AGAIN, right in front of the landing point ther is an open cave or grotto. You can see anyone in it. Inside that place, in an M rated land, a female member of the group rezzed a sex bed and went at it wearing lesbian toys, with another woman. There was NO bed previously there. They exposed everyone who arrived to sex animations for close to two hours. There is no warning on the land, no signage an
  2. Also, you could see the sexual activity from a distance. The cave is more like a shelter, with the entrance completely opened. You did not have to enter it to see what was going on. Yes I was offended mostly because there are no signs on the land allowing such behavior.
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