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  1. Ayesha, if this is the problem Wolf decsribes it is about NVIDIA Graphics Cards and as he says something LL has not bothered to fix which is shameful. A workaround is under the menu Develop, then Rendering then un-ticking Object-Object Occlusion.
  2. With Visa Electron cards I beleive that you have to have your card set up to allow international transactions. If you haven't done this then that may be why your transactions are not working when trying to buy L$. I suggest you contact the card issuer and ask them if it is possible to arrange for international transactions. Otherwise, LL have a billing service which you can contact - US/Canada: 800-294-1067 France: 0805-101-490 Germany: 0800-664-5510 Japan: 0066-33-132-830 Portugal: 800-814-450 Spain: 800-300-560 UK: 0800-048-4646 Brazil: 0800-762-1132 Long distance ( not free, but
  3. 2.30am SLT 10 August and can't login to my SL account on the internet; inworld profile pics not loading and getting "can't find xxx in database" when trying to add clothes. This has been building for days and so hoping this is fix time which is why it is so bad.
  4. The Grid Status says this is still in progress. Are there problems ?
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