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  1. Hm i could tell you places I've been and liked but it seems my music taste is different to yours. I would suggest using the search function in the viewer & search the names of bands or types of music you like or whatever you can think of then just pop into places - as many as you like or can until you find somewhere that is alive and that suits your tastes. The best part about SL is the random exploring IMO :-)
  2. That's so cool, where is this location? Also could I submit a picture?
  3. Hi Everyone :-/ I am a premium member I would like to buy my own piece of land on the mainland so I can construct my own house (i.e. not a prefabriacted linden home). I have tried to bid on \ and buy land but they all have a tier price which means I have to keep paying each week for the land? I am already paying linden labs money for my premium account. I have abandoned my linden home in order to buy new 512 land so I have architectural contol over it but I am having trouble finding land to puchase that doesn't come with weekly land tiers. I feel like these tires are a bit of a rip off IMO (but I am cheap). Any help or advice as to where I can find my own patch to develop on while paying only the Lindend/second life company my tier instead of some random land lord Thank you in advance for any help
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