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  1. Tnank you and good afternoon for now. This is Alec DeBoeuil signing off until the next time that he can do forum participants the service of distracting idiots posters by confining their attention to a thread which served no purpose in the first place, thereby leaving more interesting threads free for positive contributions. Checking around, it is such a shame that nobody took advantage of the opportunity. Alec - to do gratuitous good occasionally
  2. Scooby Mode wrote: Oh, you mean it has no context to it!? Well hell, I should have asked the other one! Where is my double posts, triple posts, from you to my one? I know I insult people, but damn son, you take it to the next level while failing, and speaking of insults, give me a new wave. You think Jesus was a jew? Yes, this is how much you entertain me, I resort to this as you have yet to own me, ok maybe you did once to all these others, but for the most part I can't take you seriously I LIKE. Damn, I thought my name was **bleep**ed up. Sorry readers, I am afraid that Scooby has now lost it completely. Normal service will be resumed once the nurse has administered the medication, plumped up the cushions and moved Scooby's wheelchair to a more shady location. Alec - to use the word "normal" sarcastically
  3. Scooby Mode wrote: You think if they are your friends, they'll understand? This has no context to it. Provide an explanation, reference or argument. (Do you recognise the phrase from that exam you failed at the end of English 007?) Alec - to try to understand, but some people make it VERY difficult. PS I don't got no friends; just potential enemies I haven't yet dismembered
  4. That's not a violation! This is a vile asian: Kim Jong-un Alec - old intertextual cultural puns
  5. If that summarises your case . . .case dismissed. Alec - typing IANAL because it's dirty (snigger)
  6. Scooby Mode wrote: Hey I Like! I have a question..... If pinocchio said "My nose is about to grow" is he lying or telling the truth? In such circumstances I would suggest that you change your medication to something that does not cause delusions that fantasy characters are alive and able to speak to you. Alec - Marvel characters, not Disney ones
  7. Scooby Mode wrote: I know you are trolling other threads I am also cooking a dinner party for eight, doing the Daily Telegraph cryptic crossword, writing up my report on the cure for cancer I have been developing, and chopping up two of my grandhildren - but that's splitting heirs. Alec - confusing the easily confused.
  8. Scooby Mode wrote: I corrected you on the word "darling" and how it's actually spelled. You mean to say that it isn't actually spelled "dahling"? I shall sue Noel Coward! Alec - the incomprehension of the culturally unaware
  9. Scooby Mode wrote: resulting [resorting] to even lying about your own name being a pun So you haven't got it? Thought so. It's those vowels all joined up that makes it difficult for you , I suppose. Alec - public displays of bewilderment
  10. Scooby Mode wrote: I never heard the name "Alec" pronounced as "I like". But then, you have to make wild guesses at foreign languages. Maybe you have never travelled outside the city limits of Abnormal, Alabama. Scooby Mode wrote: Refer to james Bond; Goldeneye where "Alec" is pronounced totally different. Whose pronunciation? Pierce Brosnan's? He is an Irishman playing a Scotsman. Robbie Coltrane's? He is a Scot playing a Russian. Or maybe Famke Janssen, who is Dutch and playing a Georgian*** Alec - your ignorance of the world outside Abnormal, Kentucky ***That's the Georgia that used to be in the USSR, not the one next to Alabama
  11. It would be very difficult to prove defamation of an entirely fictitious personality. Alec - the complications that fantasy causes; Free Hannibal Lector!
  12. Scooby Mode wrote: You're suppose to make progress, not throw out two words. I thought if I kept it short you might have half a chance of understanding what I wrote. I obviously overestimated you. Alec - two word sentences; can you think of one I might be silently saying to you at this very moment?
  13. Scooby Mode wrote: Oh, I like it when you call me darling. Alec - it's even better when you don't. Oh dear. You are completely oblivious to the most simplistic of literary devices, aren't you. You probably don't even realise that my whole name is a pun. I'll enlighten you. EVERY "punchline" that I end a post with starts "Alec - . . . " because it is meant to be read as "I like . . ." The line you have quoted should be read as "I like it even better when you don't" Have you really been reading all my posts and have not worked that out yet? 0/10 for perspicacity I am afraid. As a result, even those of average intelligence will now be laughing at your attempted "correction". Alec - to explain things to the cerebrally disadvantaged
  14. Buzzzz! Repetition. Alec - to use cultural references that others don't have a clue about
  15. Scooby Mode wrote: I'm putting your ass to work. *darling* Oh, I like it when you call me darling. Alec - it even better when you don't
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