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  1. I'll not ask you to clear up what happened after that picture 😂 ... it's obvious ... no one can say NO to a WW 😉
  2. Thanks Alyona, it's what I did first... maybe I checked the places too fast. I'll take my time to visit all those results and maybe wearing my WW outfit too 😄
  3. This is a personal curiosity because I've seen a lot of 1950's decor stuffs around..... someone knows if a 1950 lifestyle sim already exist ? 😊
  4. Not exactly landscapes only... but very close 😄
  5. I agree with Radium. The start is not that simple, you must take shoots for free and asking people around or friends (almost all are happy to be photographed). Build your online book..... I use DRIVE for HD shoots and photoshop edited photos. When your work is appreciated you can start to ask money for them ..... good luck !!!
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