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  1. Hello, I am looking to hire someone to create me a custom texture for the Pro Street Rescue 2 Vehicle ( https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PSC-Rescue-2/12856318 ); I have a specificaiton for what I require on a notepad and it includes the body of the vehicle to be re-designed for my Roleplay group. If interested, please drop me an IM or reply here and we can discuss the requirements further and costings.
  2. Our Coverage As of this moment in time, we cover the entire Blake Sea and surrounding regions with the intent to expand and work with other departments across the grid; our Dive-class Vessel as the workhorse has enough power to get our crews from one side of the Blake to the other in a small time frame. Responsibilities of the MRI Lifeboat Operations Lifeguard Patrols Search and Rescue Technical Rescues Interested? Contact me in world, drop an app or visit the station!
  3. You can now Register your Interest in joining the Maritime Rescue Institution through a short form, this gives a chance to fast track the process by providing any relevant experience. You can find the form by clicking the link below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScPZB4VjhEFXM_nLtGjKdwP9vocyRpMH0Q7ITcPtl8zwOOZtQ/viewform
  4. What is the Maritime Rescue Institution? The Maritime Rescue Institution is a new roleplay group that combines the efforts of Coastguard and Lifeboat charities under one banner, providing a first response to emergencies that are in our remit and coverage area through roleplay techniques with the intention to work closely with other emergency departments across multiple sims, provide an active presence in our operating regions and generally a positive atmosphere for roleplay we're involved in. Fancy joining? Read on! What's included? We have designed the way we operate with the goal of having as much interaction as possible, almost everything around our stations will have the ability to be used to provide an in-depth station life and regular training exercises, always ready for a live call! Station tasks can often include the prepping of training areas (Which is all done via roleplay and interactive prims!), specific checklists that can be carried out daily to keep everyone involved. We currently have coverage across the Blake Sea and surrounding regions. Benefits: Roleplay! Lots of it and not restricted to calls, but an interactive environment to replicate station life. Uniforms and equipment provided! In-house training is constantly developed and is handled case by case to maximum benefits. Working at an MRI station means it's a home away from home, you're given your own locker to customise and actively weigh in on what you'd like to see. Joining Process: There are a few different ways to express your interest to join, however, we have opted to neglect the application process and the only joining methods are through roleplay. You can contact us by: Visiting Ordi Rescue Station ( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ordinarily/158/53/21 ) Contacting is via Phone (Norphone Number: (931)588-5000) Contact via Email (Notecard) Drop me an IM in-world. You will originally start as a 'volunteer' and learn the basics before going onto working on the Lifeboats and Rescue Teams.
  5. Hello, I am looking to hire someone to create me a custom texture for the Pro Street Rescue 2 Vehicle (Link below); it'll involve the body of the vehicle to be re-designed to a specification for my new roleplay group that'll operate in the Blake Sea Region and surrounding areas. If interested, please drop me an IM or reply here and we can discuss the requirements further and costings. Vehicle: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/PSC-Rescue-2/12856318 Kind Rdgs, Jericho
  6. *Happy to pay rent to help sustain the sim* I've taken a break from Second Life Firefighting but are looking to get back into it and potentially look to be a Chief in an existing city (new or old). I have a different way of running things, and as I said, are happy to pay rent for the Department space. But, of course, there are plenty of other people to take up Chief. Just an insight of what I can offer: -Multitude of HD & TPF Firefighting Experiences on this and an old account. Happy to give a full list of where I've worked. Ranks range from Firefighter up to Commissioner. -Roleplay of Live-in Firefighters which will not just consist of showing up for a call, but to roleplay basic day to day life from training, sorting equipment, ensuring the station is kept clean and suitable. -Weekly departmental meetings with awards, discussions and ideas to be a better department but also community-involved events such as tours of the department, fire-prevention, etc/. -Full, updated website with all the latest news (incidents) and a firefighter control tool to keep up to date on incidents, status of appliances, etc. I generally want a place where I can run the department my way (HD system). I'd be bringing a couple friends (one to be the Paramedic In-Charge with the other as a Administrator to help with website maintenance, applications, etc). These are some ideas I'd like to bring. But happy to discuss costs and availability!
  7. Hi, I'm after someone capable of making mesh? and possibly to texture it. But I'm after a getting a custom helmet made, please IM for details.
  8. As for equipment, I suppose it;d be a case of making do. I.e. Pro Street Vehicles with UK police themes. etc. So I'd have no issue trying to pull it off. My worry mainly resolves around interest. City RP is struggling at the best of times with maintaining interest, but 99% of city based themes on Second Life are US-based so I just wanted a bit of reassurance that they'd be some interest. I'm due to buy 1/2 a sim (10k prims) and start work on a city, with the possibility of expanding to take the other half if it looks promising. I guess it's just tough. I mean, I'd love to see a UK city but then as I said.. it's about whether the community in that area would take interest. :matte-motes-delicious:
  9. Hi, Looking for someone who'd be able to make a mesh vehicle for me and provide texturing. Please drop me an IM and I'll provide details :) Thanks
  10. Apologies for the confusion, I don't mean a business to sell clothes, etc. It was early when I posted this.. I was still waking up. It's literally just uniforms for my roleplay.
  11. Hi, I'm in the process of creating a business, and I'm seeking some quotes, and then someone to give the service (if in my budget) on some uniforms. I'll be wanting two separate uniforms needed -- mesh, rigged. It'll be quite basic uniforms (A logo on the shoulder, pockets, etc). If interested, please drop me a message. (If I'm online, I'd respond to IMs. Although my IMs do get logged so if I happen to be offline, may be worth sending a notecard) Thanks.
  12. Hey Everyone, Was a bit hesitant on where to post this -- so apologies if it's possibly in the wrong area. I'm just hoping to discuss a potential roleplay City and to pitch it forward before I contemplate working on it. Most roleplay cities (In fact.. I don't know one that isn't) are based in the US. I'm at a point where I'm seeking to start a roleplay of my own, but I want to find an alternative twist.. so my thoughts were a city based in the UK. I was just wondering what people think of such a concept. As I'm aware, the majority of SL (So I believe) is America. So would a city based in the UK be shrugged off most people in the RP Community? Would it have an equal chance to show it's worth RP-wise, etc. Just thought I'd ask for some thoughts on it as I'm not sure of any UK city RP on the grid. Welcoming thoughts. :)
  13. Hi, I'm looking to get some custom armor made on Second Life, mesh, with full perms and with textures to fit the requirements. Looking for quotes, IM me if interested. Thanks.
  14. Hi all, Any Fire Departments out there recruiting? Got vast experience in both TPF and HD Systems, preferably in a city/town that's been around a while (Too many towns/cities close really quickly). Not too savvy on the medical side of things, although the Firefighting aspect (HAZMAT, SAR and SCUBA included) is my thing. Previously been in a huge amount of departments, most recent was Clearwater Town for several months, started as Firefighter and made Chief before it closed. Gone through the ranks numerous times, happy to do so again. :)
  15. Hi, I'm looking to start a group in Star Wars RP and need some armour created. Is there anyone who is able to create, rig and texture a set of mesh armour? Looking to acquire it full permissions. If you're interested in seeing the job, either reply to this topic or IM me in-game and I'll send the information over if you think it may be something you may be able to do. Once you;ve seen the job, you'd be able to quote it and we'll see where to go from there. :) Thanks.
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