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  1. This is my opinion. Please respect that. First, for those like me that pay tier and have to already pay to be premium to do so this "raise" hits us hard. SL has already raised the "processing fees" earlier this year up to 2.5%, now they are raising it to 5%. When will these "benefit" most of the SL premium users instead of hitting us the hardest?! If this keeps going, I may end up going back to basic, stop paying tier and premium then who benefits? SL? I think that is going to be the case for the most part. I hated "renting" from other landowners which is why I chose to purchase my own land. Now, whether you are a premium player or not, SL raises fees all across the board. Buying or Selling Linden, premiums, processing fees... it is becoming very expensive! Thank you for listening to my thought :)
  2. We have a home, and want to rez our boat on our parcel in the Blake Sea area. We are getting a "cant enable physics or object - - insufficent land resources" not sure how to correct it? We try rezzing at a rez spot on Blake Sea by our home and when crossing a SIM line it disappears. Answer? ** We have plenty of prims and L.I. for this parcel. According to the Land/Object we have over 400 left when this boat is rezzed. ** Part II: After several hours of looking at everything here is what we know: 1) Even tho the prim count IS 148, when dropped it consumes 500+ bc of the physics of the boat.. so we freed up the needed amout plus. Once the boat "registers" to the server whats going on the prim count drops to the said amount of 148. So we tackeled on issue. Now we can rez the boat on property. 2) With that said: Now issue is crossing sims and having the available prim count to go from sim to sim across Blake Sea. This is a bit trickier. We had issues in the first couple crossings.. even tho the sim DID have over 1K or 2K prims avail. we still were pushed physically off the boat still in pose, as if we were still on the boat with the boat in another sim still moving.. lol.. with our maps up we could tell what was coming into the sims when we were, and at the time we went in nothing else was there to stop us from going thru smoothly. Yes, I understand the server issue, Yes, we have tried to be patient for the allowances.. even WITH the momentarily 500+ (585 actually) that tries to register bc of the physics it does go down to 148 within a minute. What is still confusing: WITH the available prims.. over 1K or ever 2K at times.. we still are pushed off the boat and thrown across 2 sims or so as the boat stays in place or moves forward thru the sim we were trying to cross.. ONCE we had a warning we could not go thru bc not enough prims were avilable. Thank you for your help. We do appreciate this. We have contact the designer who is well known in SL and has done MANY other deisgns which I am sure she is qualified to help. If not.. I see a ticket to SL coming about this issue. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks everyone... I have heard from the creator of the product and was very helpful! Appreciate everything....
  4. Ok... I found what I was looking for.. it is made by Machess Lemton. I unpacked the multi-scene regional rezzer v3.6.0 I read the instructions and tried to follow them.. well, it didnt go so well. Not sure what I did wrong but it didnt work. I did try to contact the maker by NC and IM as per her profile and havent gotten a response yet. Would anyone like to help me try and configure this properly?? I think a hands on voice would help more than reading.. Thanks..
  5. I am still not exactly sure what it is called that I am looking for.. all I know it what it does.. a holodeck controls the outer scene, not all things inside the dome like homes and landscaping sometimes... Thanks for the help.. I will continue to keep asking others for help too
  6. Um.. on the Holodeck.. will it change home when it changes scenes too?? This one I had seen did it both together, like several different skyboxes and themes to choose from at the touch of the menu... the Holodecks I had seen only change backgrounds like skies and grass not homes as in skyboxes...
  7. I found something made by some guy, and u know I cant think of his name now.. begin with an M.. anyway.. yes, like a holodeck but I dont know how to use it.. or even how to locate one for use.. No, I am not that sophisticated to create one on my own yet.. still very new in SL on building. Getting a little further day by day but taking baby steps.. THANK YOU for helping me try and solve this.. its been hard finding a builder who understands what I need and how to find it and then how to use it ... lol.. hugs ** It was Machess I had seen something like what I am looking for**
  8. Thank you, but thats not really what I am asking for I think... lol. I recently had been with a friend in a rental dome and she can hit this menu board and it auto changes home and scenes.. one touch, poof! It can be anything from forest to beach with cabins or city apartments.. depends on which skybox is included.. its kinda like many skyboxes dropped into a changer but I dont know how or which one to use... Thanks
  9. I am new at building and love the domes that you get a menu and can change many different homes and scenes.. can someone explain how I do that please? maybe give me links to the MP on the items I need to create this? Thanks :)
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