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  1. I hope it's dollar, for 25 hours/week. But if it's really linden, they are insane in their requirements.
  2. I'd like to know what is necessary to work as a promoter in SL. I alredy know I have to have a huge Facebook profile with many friends and join many events groups. But what else is required? And what will I have to do, I only announce or I'll be responsible for making ads, banners, and all this graphic part? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi. This avatar of mine is permanently dead, I just logged in to answer you. I used to be a drag queen here. But when I gave up, I had to create a new alt because this stupid username was not matching my new look. Well, when I was a drag I wanted a comical look. I wanted to look like a big, muscled man wearing female clothes and lots of make up. A female body was not an option to me, since I was not looking for the Tgirl style. So, I chose Gianni body and Catwa head. Fot the makeup, there is a good drag queen makeup applier for Catwa. For the clothes, I bought mesh clothes, si
  4. I'm not really willing to be hanging around in a newbie account... That sucks.
  5. I am looking for 2 adult baby girls and 1 femboy who wishes to become my permanent subs. Rules: Must be able to login between 8pm-10pm slt (at least 4 days a week) Must be willing to live with me in my home. Must wear a mesh body (I put a lot of effort in my avatar and expect you to do the same). Must feel comfortable with a poly family and group sex. Must like to RP, go out to dance and to the beach. It's not only about sex. I offer each of you a bedroom in my home, a strong guiding hand and lots of discipline. IM me if you'd like to know more. O
  6. I got a response from them and my bleep (LOL) works perfectly now.
  7. I bought it yesterday, and only after an almost 24 hours waiting it was ready to use. So, I was so anxious, I misread eject for ejaculation, and since I wanted to try functions, I broke my **bleep**. :( That was ok, I still had the low prim one. So, the problem continued. I couldn't find the "body" button where they say is a masturbation button. Where is it? My HUD doesn't have the option "body" or "masturbation". Just to become worst, I noticed they return lost itens. I tried so I can get a new **bleep** working since I broke mine on first use. And when I wore it
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