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  1. You probably know this one already: https://modemworld.me
  2. Thought #1: Usually when I go RL shopping I like to try several different pieces and sometimes I'm on the phone wearing some of it Thought #2: Although SL is not real people tend to turn it more and more similar to RL Thought #3: I'm imagining myself on RL Armani, Boss and even Zara (just to name some brands where I buy) trying some timeout cloths and suddenly I'm RL naked... Said that, none of my toons will ever buy a timeout demo
  3. Is it mandatory to have voice? Usually I rather write
  4. Totally agree with your points. SL used to be a second life for everyone, I remember to see lots of inworld shops not only with top end creators but also with less "talented" creators, everyone arrived to SL and even with some simple linked prims could acomplish a sense of achievement, nowadays SL is sold almost as a RL mirror, everything must be super duper designed and detailed - even yesterday my boyfriend was laughing because my avatar was looking almost the same as my RL me - back in 2011 when I first left SL I was complaining that most people didn't interact, even for shopping they went only for MP and I simply thought "ok, maybe is just my problem", but no, after these years I returned, went premium and land is still being abandoned, nice built malls are gone, to be creator with need to hold more and more technical knowledge, MP is taking more and more from the inworld commerce (I wonder if LL will have any drop on tiers due to the lack of need to have have a inworld shop) and I guess that tomorrow we'll have new avatars that simply don't know what is to reez a prim
  5. I started to study the life of a XIV century portuguese bishop but then I had some fights with my two teachers regarding methodology and I simply got tired of it
  6. Re: SL - my main 3 managed to delete thousands of old stuff and they are now around 11 to 14,000 (all other are below 5,000 items) Re: RL - some of my friends are trying to convince me to end my medieval history dissertation
  7. SL: "reborn" after some years of abcense; without leaving the classic avatar on any of my (huge number) alts try to transform one in a fat and ugly nasty drag queen; imagine or find something I can do to return to business micromanagement without having knowledge of 3D creation; meet new people and socialize a little bit more RL: in february I'll ask my boyfriend to marry me; live together with him (finally lol); and maybe buy a second home (just wish I had the same prices than in SL lol)
  8. After almost 7 years away from SL I find the same problem. I have lots of fashion related blogs still alive but my folder with blogs related to news, opinion, even virtual law blog is almost all dead.
  9. Between 2007 and 2010/11 I had some business that covered my skybox and 3 shop' rents and even manage to cashout a small amount each month (+-30usd), then I was away for some years and now I return and with mesh, animesh, slink, bentos etc I don't have enough 3D skils to have decent apparel to sell so I decided to go premium and live with the stipend (only bought some extra lindens to buy a mainland parcel)... So I'm really on a budget but for now is more than enough since now i'm always by myself with no company lol
  10. Loooooool never thought about this... Let me try to find a sugar-son
  11. I think I can see myself on my parcel at east coast Just passing by so I can have any update on this cool project
  12. Yes, Zsa Zsa have some awesome drag hair i'm just struggling yet with her shape, it's being difficult to achieve something like that picture above
  13. Just loved your old look i've thought about going like the one i'm attaching
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