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  1. Im having a similar if not the same issue. I crashed this morning and couldnt get back in, Now that I am back in I seem to have lost all of my inventory and all saved outfits, Stuck as a orange cloud and becoming more frustrated as the day goes on. I submitted a ticket but still havnt heard anything back yet. In a strange way I am a little relieved to see I am not the only person dealing with this. Please help. Im so lost here
  2. OH i think I figured out how to fix it, Everytime I send you a message saying it isnt working it starts to work. Facepalms!
  3. Idk what is going on, but i Logged in this morning and it isnt working again, I give up. Kinda lame but I guess I have skype to fall back to, It just stinks cause i cant hear anyone in local talking
  4. I would like to say ty for all your help. I logged back on and it works now. I have no idea why or how, but it works and Thank you so much for trying to help me.
  5. I have not installed anything new, on the 18th It was working until I logged out for the night, The next morning I logged back in and noticed it was blacked out, So about an hour later I logged out to fix it and voice. When I came back in I noticed it wasnt working still. I ran the Firestorm update to see if it would help, After the update I clean installed Firestorm, reboot the craptop,came back into world with the same issue, So I closed out and opened SL viewer to see if it was just firestorm. Sl viewer had the same issue, I uninstalled and clean installed SL viewer to still have no luck, I
  6. I also noticed I can not hear voice from others and when I look at nearby ppl it shows me that no one has a mic, BUt i know others have mics on cause I have talked on skype with them testing all this. Idk if that helps but it is one more thing i noticed.
  7. I opened SL twice now with the AV and the firewall off all together, I still have no voice option, so frustrating.
  8. The reason I reposted is cause it hasnt been resolved yet and to be honest, I havnt had any real help with the issue, So other than reposying on a new day, what are my other options?
  9. It is a new day so yes I posted again until we can fix it, Yes firewall has been turned off for two of my tries.
  10. Okay day two of no voice options, Checked mic with other applications and it works, so rulled out broken Mic, The voice option is blacked out and disabled, Clean install has been done twice now for both SL viewer and Firestorm. Could some one please point me in the right direction to fix this?
  11. Okay, day two and still no voice options, How long does a server pollution issue last for?
  12. My voice/Mic option for both viewers i use (Firestorm And SL viewer) has been blacked out or disabled all day. It worked last night but when I logged on this morning it has been disabled all day. I have done a clean install for both Firestorm, and for SL viewer so far, reboot my craptop, and checked all the settings i can find for voice. Does anyone have any other options I could try to fix it?
  13. Hello, I crashed hard, and when i logged back in All my textures, even the ones related to clothing, My Photo's, My Favorites folder, My Guns, Omg everything is gone all my folders are empty... Please Help!!!!
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