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  1. Disregard this rant. I'm sorry for posting it here The transfer has happened.
  2. I'm sorry if this is the wrong venue but I'm truly frustrated with Linden support about a pending sale of a sim. On Friday 10/19 I arranged to buy a private Island from a nice lady. (my third sim) We both agreed on the price and both sent support tickets to have the transfer done. Based on past experience I figured it would transfer on Tuesday 10/23 or Wednesday the 24th at the latest. Well Wednesday came and no transfer so I used my Concierge chat support to inquire what the hold up was, I was told by a rude person there was a lot of transfers happening and it would happen when they got to it. I asked again on Thursday and got a nicer lady who said it was being worked on at that time and would probably happen on Friday. Well guess what. It's still hasn't happened. Does anyone have any advice on how to speed things up or who I can directly contact at Linden? The poor seller is going to be on the hook for another months tier very soon and I'd hate to have to have her do that. Thanks. Oh and if a Linden sees this the tickets are Buyers - #1262091 and the Sellers - #1262093
  3. I need to be able to find out if an AV already has an item in their inventory or alternatively is attached to their body. My application is that they need to have a ticket (item/prim) either in their inventory or attached to their body before the item they touch gives out a prize or allows them through. Any examples would be greatly appreciated. I've played with IIGetInventoryType and IIGetInventoryName but they only see to act on the items contained with the prim being touched. Thanks
  4. Do you still have this sim for sale? If so I'm interested
  5. Wanted Grandfathered Private Region Sim (NO MAINLAND), 20K or 30K prims OK. Please IM me with details of your sim including tier date. Serious and ready to make immediate purchase. Please send message inworld to jimsqu.sunbelter or e-mail me at squirej@gmail.com.
  6. Tarina I am very interested in your Grandfathered 30K sim for sale. Can you tell me where it currently is and if it needs to be moved. Thanks. Jimsqu.sunbelter
  7. Looking to buy a private region and want to know if it is still possible to buy one that is not grandfathered and pay to Linden the additional $600 to put it into grandfathered tier? All I see online is that it was a one time event that was extended but probably has since expired but would like to know if it's still and option. Thanks.
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