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  1. Thank you for that work around for the graphic card drivers. I installed the ones AMD Radeon had on their site for the 4524. Also, as I have said it worked for a good year with the old ones till this windows update. I have forwarded that url from your post to my computer tech since he has my pc at his store at the moment.
  2. I have the same problem . I did as second lifes error message suggested . I updated graphic drivers that didn't help. I then uninstalled and reinstalled used windows drivers and AMDs both, neither one fixed the problem. I finally took my pc to a tech and he was lost himself on what it could be. I finally called AMD RADEON and he said it was caused by windows update that came out around Nov 23, 2017, Since my graphics card does not have supported software for windows 10. The only solutions he could suggest and said it may or may not work was to reinstall the drivers for that video car
  3. http://www.computerworld.com/article/2483836/internet/website-owners-can-legally-block-some-users--court-rules.html?page=2 its not against the law anymore
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