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  1. Hey Cam, congrats, including a slideshow in your exhibit was a good idea.
  2. Great images Cam, great article and interview for the SL Enquirer. Can't wait to see your art exhibition.
  3. Hi Talligurl, I sent you a private message with details on how you can get involved with the magazine.
  4. Contact me if you would like your work featured in the next issue of MAGE Magazine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLThpLfGotClLbUtMa2Os3Ddo2_KpdiDDL&v=sstPwgdkW-o 
  5. MAGE Magazine presents “Election 2016" The following pictorial was inspired by the eloquent relevance of Donald Trump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHtkv9U3ouw&list=PLThpLfGotClLbUtMa2Os3Ddo2_KpdiDDL&index=2 
  6. According to views we have 3 in the top ten and 5 in the top twenty. But according to likes we have ten in the top ten http://aview.tv/topvideos.html?do=rating BTW have you announced our new logo for MAGE Magazine? Doesn't Ozzy look adorable? 
  7. Did you know we moved up a spot on AviewTV Most Popular Videos list? We are now 2nd place http://aview.tv/mage-magazine-video-promo-1_82652ab52.html
  8. MAGE Magazine presents "The OBJECT" Here is a story inspired by Cica Ghost's installation "Them" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHtkv9U3ouw&list=PLThpLfGotClLbUtMa2Os3Ddo2_KpdiDDL&index=2 
  9. Images and video of Donald Trump vs the Alien https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEX5oRQW8Ms&index=2&list=PLThpLfGotClLbUtMa2Os3Ddo2_KpdiDDL  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEX5oRQW8Ms&index=2&list=PLThpLfGotClLbUtMa2Os3Ddo2_KpdiDDL
  10. Hey Cameron, welcome to the group. :smileyvery-happy: If you or anyone else who reads this message have questions about taking Second Life snapshots or making machinima videos shoot me a message.
  11. High five LOL Um I don't think so, I think that place was called Ocho Tango. I tried going back but it's gone. That was such a cool place.
  12. Hi Five Siz :heart::heart::heart: It was at a sim called Roots by Cica Ghost, I love his stuff ( or her stuff )
  13. Hey Siz, Hi five! Ya we used a horn torch for the orange glow, it was Oz who shot the scene we found a really cool place near the LEA welcome area.
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