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  1. This is a huge problem...too bad it is ignored. There is no way to filter them out since sellers find a way to get them included in search no matter what you do...I would like to be able to block sellers who take advantage in this way and in other ways...This is not fair to the sellers who are ethical and fair...because there is not doubt people give up and stop looking. I do not understand why this problem is ignored..This post is two years old and still nothing is done...
  2. Fraud is against the law whether it is in rl or sl.....banning people without even giving a reason and playing your own game is at LEAST unethical and not fair to the landowners....this is a bad bad game...i do not want my lindens from them...I just want everyone to know they are unethical and fraudulent. I followed all their rules (otherwise they would have told me why they banned me) and then I run across an owner collecting coins which is like biting the hand that feeds you...there is a reason you rarely see anyone at Beaus....we have either been banned from playing or we know better....:)
  3. They are either thieves or the power has gone to their heads...and I have reported them for unfair practices.....several alts have collected coins from them and cannot cash in....if you go to their sites you usually won't see anyone playing the game...I have even seen one of the owners collecting coins....if that is not unethical I do not know what is!!!!
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