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  1. I have created a script which alters the alpha of clothes when certain events happen. When the script is in the clothes which are then rezzed on the ground it works perfectly, exactly as planned. However, when the clothes are worn on an avi the script does not work perfectly. Can anyone give me a clue as to why this should be? The event in question which triggers the alpha change is a collision.
  2. Wow thank you - it works perfectly. Now to incorporate it into the rest of the script so that it is linked to a particular agent etc. Many thanks, much appreciated.
  3. Hi I am trying to write a script which alters a prim's alpha state each time it is collided with. I am not a scripter but trying to learn. This script does not work lol Any help would be gratefully appreciated. default { state_entry() { } collision_start(integer number_detected) { { integer i; for( i = 0; i < number_detected; i++ ) { if(i==1) { llSetAlpha(0.8,ALL_SIDES); } if(i==2) { llSetAlpha(0.6,ALL_SIDES); } if(i==3) { llSetAlpha(0.4,ALL_SIDES); } if(i==4) { llSetAlpha(0.2,ALL_SIDES); } if(i==5) { llSetAlpha(0.0,ALL_SIDES); } if(i > 5) { llResetScript(); } } } } collision_end(integer number_detected) { } }
  4. I have bought some dances from DMC.Only 1 out of the 5 were delivered. I have filed 3 support requests to the Store but none have been answered and I have sent a notecard to the owner which has not been replied to. The sum involved is 1798L. Reading the community forum - it seems this is a common problem with that store.
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