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  1. Wonderful photo and very well done !
  2. Your mouse's scroll wheel handles the camera zoom and in some cases certain keyboards have wheels on them as well for this.
  3. My suggestion would be to contact support via phone or live chat (if you are a premium member) and see if there is anything they can do to help. Either there is an issue with the page or some other internal error is causing it to to do what you request. There are several causes for this and I can only hazard a guess as to which it might be. Most commonly is the page is down or the web server is malfunctioning in some way, also make sure your browser isn't blocking anything, this too tends to cause errors. Hope this gives you a starting point to resolve your issue
  4. Unfortunately we can only answer questions regarding Second Life itself. We cannot suggest vendors or products in any way. The best thing to do is to post this in the genreal forums where many more people can see your question and you will get far more responses and valubale input. We answer questions about the system itself and technical issues. Good luck and we hope you find what you are seeking and have a great virtual experience.
  5. It sounds to me like the item itself is not scripted properly, usually errors of that type are due to poor coding on the creators part. If the error arises no matter where you go I would contact the creator for support or a fix for that item.
  6. You would need to use a specific child avatar that is made specially to be a child. The legacy avatars are very difficulat to make into small children. Many people use a petite mesh avatar such as that for a fairy and the like to accomplish this, WHile I cannot mention vendors by name there are several very high quality ones out there to choose from. The marketplace is a good place to start with your search. Good luck with it and hope the information helps.
  7. Arenae - Sweet and Slow Animations may have what you need. Though this is not exactly the right spot for this question. I did find some refernces to Sweet and Slow 7 associated with this creator.
  8. There could be a graphics issue here, AMD onboard video cards have a notorious habit of not playing well with the Second Life viewer, one of the easiest fixes is to roll back to an earlier driver (Assuming this is the case). Because you did not mention the type of video, so I am unclear as to the actual issue. But many times the graphics drivers are the culprits.
  9. Never place the name of another avatar into the forum otherwise your 6 hour ban may got much longer. Please share your issue without naming names or pointing fingers. Most likely as has been said earlier you were all made out to be the bad guys and for the sake of making it easy Linden labs just banned everyone for a 6 hour "Time Out" I do not se any hacking, just a bad case of griefing and not following the rules of the forums here.
  10. You have a gesture or other attachment causing an issue. As stated in the previous answer try taking each off one by one until you look normal and try the repair tool, I ended up with this smae issue years back as a joke and it took me a bit to realize what had happened. Hope this helps you out.
  11. You may need to change to a different viewer and try to connect. It may not be registering properly with Linden labs servers and credentials.
  12. It sounds like you may be trying to exceed the capacity of your system, without knowing the particulars I would suspect your graphics card is not quite up to the task at hand. I would also make sure the driver is current and nothing else is runnign that would use excess memory as well.
  13. Wonderful and beautiful photo
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