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  1. The Lion's Den Night & Family club Now Hiring DJs and Hosts - Come and join us at the Lion's Den - Wide variety of music - Requests always open to our DJs! - Family oriented. - Lots of DJs and hosts already so there's never a dull moment! - Lots of fun - New Club that keeps fresh in decor by season (come see our summer beach!) Looking for somewhere that feels like you belong, laid-back and with excellent staff and patrons? Come join us! No experience necessary, but an asset. See you there! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Forbidden City/109/129/12
  2. Looking for a dragon character to be a 'protector' and guardian of sorts of my character. They can have a close bond. The sim I frequest is a Strict Paragraph-RP medieval sim. :) Message me if you're interested, my contact is 'Sherele' thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm looking for dance suggestions. :) I'm looking for one that's a bit slow and not too wild in movements. Just casual, stepping side to side-- nothing like spins or turning around. Any suggestions??
  4. Hello! I'm now looking for sci-fi roleplay, and am interested in making my character a human cyborg/AI; looking preferably for male character to build a close RP relationship. :) -- Might be good to have a character who is combatitive in some way, such as getting into intense and heated battle situations or even just living ay to day, etc. Think Cortana and master chief! I know that example is lame but it's the best I can come up with.
  5. Hello! I'm new to SL... and I'm having a really, really hard time finding quality, paragraph RP to participate in. I participate in medieval or victorian era RP, and looking for a mentor, a guide, someone to RP with or show me places to go. I keep searching and have been looking for weeks with no success.
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