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  1. Perfect thankyou. In Singularity its just below half way down of the 'View' menu. Thanks. xxx. Sarah.
  2. I use the marketplace quite a lot but also like to look round shops inworld. looking round is fun and easy and good but there have been a number of occasions where I know exactly what I want. Is there any way to 'search' a store when you're in it inworld? sorry if this is in the wrong forum. its merchants or is it technology. Thanks. Sarah.
  3. Ok I think this is a newbie question but one ii haven't really figured out. … If you rez a box on the floor (eg to unpack new clothes), when you've copied the stuff to the inventory, should I 'Take' or 'Delete' the box. Thats the original question which has been on my mind for some time. It's more important now because i'm playing around with AO huds and animations, amending notecards etc. in order to do that I have to rez my existing hud on the ground then amend the animations in it and the notecard. I can't delete it after amending it so I take it and it becomes a new AO alongside my origi
  4. Yay! I thought you were onto something when you mentioned spaces but on checking, I hadn't put any spaces in so it wasn't that. but while I was checking I noticed that I'd put in the notecard a number of animations that I hadn't yet put into the edit inventory. I did have the ones I wanted but planned to put some others in later. In fact the AO was working, it was just going through the missing animations (ie, avi was unanimated) before it got to the ones it could find. It just looked like it wasn't working. Thanks Kless. Somehow it helped.
  5. Oh god. I've tried this loads and can't figure out what i'm doing wrong. Trust me I don't like to trouble the forum unless i've really given it a go... I'm trying to get a solid standard ao and be able to change it – add delete animations etc. I have a fully functioning one (which is based on Zhao II) so its not an emergency but I thought it was about time I treated my ao and animations like I treat my wardrobe and outfits. Organised and in control. I know people are going to tell me to detach any ao's. (All the advice seems to say the same but without my error) Rez the hud on the ground, ed
  6. I relogged, rebooted a few times. then gave up turned off and went to bed. i then logged in via my phone successfully (except for not really being very graphic etc) but yes a succcessful log in. then i went to sleep next morning i tried the computer and i logged in with no problem. So I stil don't know what the problem was but maybe for the benefit of someone reading this, I logged into my phone (or another computer), then logged out and it worked. of course, this could have been coincedence and the problem resolved for some other reason. thanks for your responses. xxx. S
  7. HEEEELP! I was happily dancing inworld when everything jerked to a stop then my viewer (Singularity) closed. Ok this happens (rarely) so I just fire up Singularity again. Cant connect, still logging out. Thats ok too. I click ok and click connect again. 'still logging out'. Ok no prob I connect again and all seems to be going well logging in, connecting to region, loading world. Then half way through loading world, the whole viewer closes again. I rebooted, restarted Singularity and the same thing at the same point. It took me a while initially to settle on singularity so I have a few othe
  8. Sorry if i'm inthe wrong section here. i have had a scrip ion my floor in my linden home for a while now. i'd like to get rid of it but when i clikc on it it just give me the details of the script. no 'tkae## or 'delete' options. any ideas howto get rid of it?
  9. Hi. I have a linden home which i got with premium membership. its good. i'm ok there. i use it to get changed and to rez new items and tohave proper conversations with people. It's ok but it doesnt allow all that many prims when i'm rezzing. it has a nice looking fire.. nice ooking but never used. is there a way i can remove the fireplace and thus free up some prim space? i'm crap at technical stuff which is why i don't want to click around and, for exampe, de-render it leaving it invisible but still there. or worse de-render my whole house (which I have done before). with my own items i
  10. I was clicking away wildly… well I was moving things around my room. Doing some moving around of objects (pictures, sofas etc.). I'm not sure quite what I did but it may have involved edit from the pie menu. I must have missed the object and got the house and next thing its invisible and my floor looks like grass (I guess that’s the default below an invisible floor). Everything is still there. Ie I bump into invisible walls, just looks like I’m outside. All other objects are still there like curtains and pictures on the invisible walls. Its invisible from the outside too. It’s a non-modifiabl
  11. seriously!? no. surely there are mesh heads with animations from an ao? I'm sure i've seen them. or are you saying i need a full mesh avatar? and not just a head? can i detach my original head (or will the animations just not work rather than act upon the features of the 'only' existing head. thanks?
  12. sorry (continuation) .... seem to only affect the original inner head and my outer head stays as grumpy as always. any solutions would be helpful. i know mesh heads have emotions/expressions and i know in theory i can 'behead' my original avatar but i'm too technophobic to start playing with this kind of stuff on a guess. i need someone here to say yes or no. i'm happy with my avatar but i'd also like my avatar to show that she's happy (sad confused angry baffled) too. thanks all (i really appreciate this community). S
  13. crikey i really thought about that subject but its true. i'm so crap at mesh and all that stuff. i had all my clothes but wanted a realistic head so then i saw a hybrid avatar. 'normal' avatar (clothes fit) except mesh head (ie better looking). perfect solution i thought. but then i wanted to emote my generally sexy but grumpy face. nothing seemed to work until i realised wide mouths were sticking out the bottom of my chin and then only one that showed anything was tongue sticking out. ... the gestures that are in effect are affecting the original head which occasionally sticks through the lov
  14. Brilliant. Thanks for the answer. That worked perfectly. Thanks.
  15. Brilliant answer thanks. Yes I was running before i could walk. I'm getting the hang of this slowly. Thanks.
  16. Ok yes thanks. I got it. there was a picture elsewhere in the shop which worked. Thanks.
  17. i'd love to keep changing gclothes etd but my avatar keeps breaking. or at very least wrong hair etc. i don'e mind paying for nnew avatar as lond as i can modify etc. (even onl for new clothes) without horriblemss happening
  18. I'm still not sure I'm getting it. I would have thought that since my avatar came with a different standing pose and walking gait, that they would be incorporated into the avatar. instead i have to go to inventory, right click and choose play in world. I thought if I cant get them running all the time then maybe theres a way to shortcut them (eg f1) to make things easier and for my avatar to appear a bit more lifelike and natural.
  19. Ignore previous post , I don't think that is the problem. the item in quesiton had an animation element to it calle <3ReACT which allows animations on it. Normal items i can see buy but these the react option is there but not the buy option. ?
  20. Thanks both. Thats given me a pointer. I just thought there'd be a simple answer in terms of don't buy a, buy b. but i guess thats simple enough. (even for me lol) S
  21. Thanks but I'm on Singularity and there doesn't seem to be anything that looks like buy. I've tried Firestorm too. same thing. (no other viewers work). is there another way to buy things (i guess not everything is in the marketplace)?
  22. I'm in a shop with a rug for my house that i like and i cant understand how to buy it. I can sit on it but how (or where) do i go to purchaes it. is this a silly question depending on where i buy it or is there a standard way?
  23. I don't even know what other is but I know there is an incompatibility between types of rendering. I have a new (paid for) mesh avatar (complete) which is great but I seem to be limited to clothes I can wear. As its impossible to look at the label of clothes in sl, how do i know if the item will look the same when i wear it? without it looking like i'm wearing rags with holes in and invisible parts etc.? Is there an easy way to choose clothes? eg by avoiding anything that says 'trim' or without an accompanying 'alpha' version. limited and confused, X Sarah.
  24. No I'm not talking about the standard gestures that are already there some with keyboard shortcuts. I recently got a new avatar and prefer some of those 'AO' gestures. They're in my inventory and I can play them (in world or locally) but I like them and want to be chatting (typing- i don't use sound) away with someone and be able to press, eg f4 to laugh, stand differently, look bored, etc. I can do this with the standard set of gestures but cant find an easy way to play these new gestures. any ideas? XX. Sx
  25. One of the reasons I bought a house was to just whizz there and rez any new boxed items. Great. I was surprised my friend couldn't and looked for permisions etc. Is there a way to allow certain people (obviously not any nutter) to be allowed to rez in my living room. we get back from shopping and only I can rez. Any answers would be good. ps. I've set my house privacy to 'sod-off except ...', she's allowed in my house. thanks. Sarah.
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