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  1. We are hiring DJS, HOSTS AND DANCERS New and up and coming club looking for good workers must be at least 30 days in sl and have excellent english both spoken and emoting. We are looking for a good people who want to work and are willing to be trained if necessary. We do have a time clock and djs and hosts get 100% of their tips Dancers/strippers get 80% of their tips if you are intrested in a position and want to be a team player come on down and let us talk with you. We would love to get to know you and hire you . We also have Rentals and there is a secondary group atttached to the Stormchaser ask the resident sin. Managers: DJ Manager Sсσяρ Hαωκcяεst Huntεя (scorpionazsty) Dancer/Host Manager Absila Envy Hunter (mifaraspera) General Manager Mäνεяînä Huntεя (sephirothx86) Owner: Vortex Storm (dantegamma) Inworld: SCMCG, Algonquin (132, 205, 21) - Adult
  2. Hey ya all would you like to be apart of something brand spanking new? Well There is a new club in town and it is looking for you. Can you emote, this is the job for you, we need you as a host, dancer/stripper/escort, also need good Djs and good music. Wide variety of music to be played for us Only limitations is screamo, rap, or death metal, or opera unless requested. If it has been requested I expect it to be played We are looking fo ryou guys to come on down and join us. please do. You won't regret it If intrested and just so you knwo we will train, contact: Vortex Storm(dantegammaresident) or Lady Envy -Abs- (mifarasperaresident)
  3. I would like to take on the job of Dancing. I am pole dancing at Lucky Beach Python club on wednesdays.
  4. I would like to be one of your dancers. I dance on Wednesdays at Lucky Beach Pythons. I pole dance and am inexpereinced but would like the employments.
  5. Hi I would like to applyt to be a host, or greeter. I don't know a whold lot about dj/s So if you could get back to me it would be great.
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